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"Mom's Away" (s9 e7): The episode where Connie tracks down the daughter she gave up for adoption as a teen. I still have no idea what happened there or why Andy thought it was such a HORRIBLE idea for Connie to meet her. Perhaps he meant, "bad idea to just show up out of the blue?" It's not quite clear. Nor is it clear why Connie rejects the girl (mildly, but still) when she tracks her down herself.


Frankly, a bewildering episode for this Troper.

  • Few shows have shown the true struggles of being a recovering alcoholic. And more importantly, the level of consciousness of how fragile sobriety can be when you think you've mastered your addiction (think Steps 7, 8, 9, & 10) and think you can give out advice and/or mentor others. Sipowicz has clearly finished all 12 steps and is doing well even after falling off the wagon. His counseling Connie that it is a bad idea to seek out her child is the fear of seeing everything in your past brings your past back to you. Connie was a pregnant troubled teen and is now an honest hard working police detective. Her judgement is centered on who she is now and what she has become. All the questions that come from seeking out a child (whom was given away for adoption ie abandoned) and judging her child on her present expectations for her own children makes for a very hard parent/child reconciliation. Andy sees this and tries to have her not seek answers to a closed past. Andy is frightened that Connie will become the troubled teen who partied, hung out with bad influences, and got pregnant under age.

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