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This page lists the Crowning Moments of Awesome Takeru and company perform in the popular Visual Novel series, Muv-Luv. Please categorize into the various releases (Extra, Unlimited, Alternative,...)


  • In Unlimited, a ship filled with explosives threatens to impact the Yokohama Base, killing the entire cast and destroying every portion of the base down to the fourth basement floor. Tama manages to overcome her usual performance anxiety, allowing her to snipe the cache out of the sky from over 250 miles away; an impressive feat considering the target's velocity, the delay of firing a round to it hitting the target, and the curvature and rotation of the Earth.


  • During the Objective 21 operation, Takeru volunteers to act as bait to create an opening for the other Valkyries to destroy the lazer species of BETA. Although it should have essentially amounted to a suicide mission, he ends up stunning everyone by taking out over 20 fort-class BETA and countless smaller species.
    • About the same time in a different location, Captain Abe of the Yamato-class battleship Shinano and his peers in the Second Fleet, when the ships move close to the shore to support retreating troops and screen escaping ships from the BETA, all the while blasting away at the enemy. Taking one salvo of lasers is bad enough, but when the Shinano and its fleet takes a few dozen more...
    • In the same operation, around 20 Heavy Laser-class focus their fire on A-02. The unit not only simply shrugs off the blasts, but then proceeds to blow up Objective 21's entire spire with a single blast.
    Takeru: That attack power was just a bonus?!


The Day After

  • In TDA Episode 01's final battle, Hibiki flies straight up to a Carrier-class BETA to jam a tactical large-scale explosive into its mouth, dodging large numbers of other BETA the whole way. His act saves the day, since the Carrier-class was suspected to be carrying Laser-class BETA; had they been released, the battle would have turned for the worse.

Tactical Surface Fighter in Action

  • In TSFiA #2, the US Army and Imperial Royal Guard conduct Dissimilar Air Combat Training, pitting two brand new F-15s against the old Type-82 Zuikaku. The Zuikaku pilots not only stalemate the Eagles for 10 minutes, they actually defeat them. The Americans are both chagrined and very impressed.
  • In TSFiA #39, The US Army deploys several battalions of A-10s to protect Hamburg during the evacuation. By the time the evacuation is complete, the A-10s have suffered 50% casualties... and have held the line against the BETA horde.