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Heartwarming / Muv-Luv

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The Muv-Luv series, despite its bleakness, has several scenes that can warm the hearts of the player.

  • The ends of all the heroine's routes in the Extra game would qualify, especially Sumika and Meiya's given that both of them decide to invoke I Want My Beloved to Be Happy and gracefully bow out in favor of the other.
  • In Meiya's route in Extra, Takeru comforting her, after her Epic Fail Lethal Chef moment.
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  • Even if the aftermath was tragic, the Christmas party in Unlimited was an island of sweetness in a sea of cynicism.
  • The epilogue to Alternative. Even though Takeru seems to have lost most of his memories and most of A-01 has been obliterated and the epilogue is in essence basically just an alternative version to the beginning scenes of Extra, the alternate Earth has still been saved, and Takeru can finally live a happy life in his own world.
  • In Tactical Surface Fighters in Action #38: Bake the Enemies: The city of Hamburg is pretty much a Wretched Hive, but the US pilots playing with the children is a ray of hope, especially when a young American promises, on his honor as a US Army A-10A pilot, that they will never be abandoned. The A-10A battalions suffer tremendous losses... and hold out long enough that all refugees are evacuated safely.
  • From TSFiA #41: Soul of the Artilleries: A raid against the BETA in France has gone disastrously wrong, and the 44th Cerberus Battalion decide to hold the line to allow their allies to escape... and then a squadron of A-10Cs arrive, and the CO tells Cerberus to get clear, they'll hold the line. Twelve pilots are sacrificing themselves so that thirty six other pilots can escape.
    Surpassing the rivalry between individual units, unbound by time and generation, even beyond the limits of ethnic and national pride, camaraderie bounds all true soldiers together in war. Because in the end, all pilots realize they are fighting because the man next to them is depending on them, not for recognition, patriotism, or the flag of their country, but they fight so that they won’t fail the man next to them, and to know that the man next to him will do the same for him. Ultimately, the one wish all soldiers have is that somewhere out there, in their darkest moments of need, they won’t be left behind, that someone is willing to lay down their life to come and save you, no matter who you are. That is true camaraderie. When a soldier realizes this, their life and attitude truly begins to change, and thus heroes are born.
    • The best part of this story: the CO of that A-10C squadron is implied to be the protagonist of TSFiA #39 above.