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  • Her match with Cheerleader Melissa on SHIMMER Volume 1. Just a fantastic match from start-to-finish.
  • Her match with Amazing Kong on SHIMMER Volume 9. MsChif actually kicks out from the King Kong Buster and the first Awesome Bomb and, even though she ultimately fell to a spinning Awesome Bomb, she really looked like she could have beaten Kong. Before the match started, the crowd was chanting, "MsChif's gonna kill you, MsChif's gonna kill you!" The crowd even chanted at one point, "This is awesome! This is awesome!"
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  • As noted on SHIMMER's own page here, some regard the weekend volumes 27 and 28 took place on to be her crowning moment, where she faced Nikki Roxx first and then Amazing Kong and LuFisto in a triple threat match, holding them all off to keep the championship most sources were speculating she would drop.
  • It's easy to understand why she was a good sport even though she had to give the title belt to Tasha Simone, as her total combined days reigning as NWA World Woman's champion were second only to Debbie Combs and Fabulous Moolah and the most of anyone for more than a decade. It was also the third longest single run.
  • Her match with AWS Women's Champion Christina Von Eerie at AWS Ten Year Anniversary, July 7, 2012, which was the last match of the night, meaning it came two matches after the AWS Heavyweight Title change. That's how important it was.

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