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  • Her March 24th 2007, champion vs champion match in Chicago versus Josie with Mickie Knuckles as the referee. Knuckles didn't like either of them, the feeling was mutual, MsChif was only slightly worried about disqualification and Mickie would periodically forget she was a referee and start trying to wrestle or beg phantom referees to come save her.
  • Her accidental acceptance to a title defense against LuFisto on SHIMMER volume 26 and the look of annoyance she displayed when LuFisto hugged her in gratitude and throughout the resulting match.
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  • The alliance of Regeneration X and MSEERIE at SHIMMER volume 44. Allison Danger is at first weary of MsChif's sudden appearance and violation of their personal space while Leva Bates is thrilled by MsChif's fixation on her remote control Dalek, which was only broken by Melanie Cruise (flanked by Mena Libra, She Nay Nay and "Bonesaw" Jessie Brooks) berating Regeneration X for bringing such a thing into the locker room, which got MsChif in Cruise's face, Christina Von Eerie rushing to her side and instigating the three trailing Cruise, while Bates and Danger try to defuse the situation. Cruise backs down, offering a challenge in the ring and Leva discusses "keeping" MsChif, whose attention turns back to the Dalek.

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