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  • Also doubles as a Funny moment, but Kristian Harloff's bold attempt to argue for a completely fake movie he made up on the spot (called Nightfalls) during one of the speed round impressed the crew and fans alike. So much so that some later episodes feature special rounds that were inspired by this move, where the fighters are supposed to pitch a fake movie based on random titles and actors they'd pull out of a hat.
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  • For long-time fans of the show, Spencer ending his years of being Movie Fights' Always Second Best in the most Spencer-way possible: by using a long-forgotten Showstopper at the end of lengthy Championship bout to deliver an exhausted Dan his first belt loss.
  • JTE's composure and professionalism on Andy Signore's final episode as judge becomes this in hindsight, after he and his girlfriend April revealed on Twitter that, at that point, they had been privately going to Defy Media's HR for two months regarding Andy's sexual misconduct towards April and that Andy had threatened JTE's employment if news went public.

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