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Drinking Game / Movie Fights

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  • Invoked in the "Drunk Movie Fights", where the host and the three fighters deliberately get themselves drunk over the course of the show. All 4 would have to take a shot whenever:
    • Andy says, "This is tough."
    • Dan gets grumpy.
    • Ken self-loathes.
    • Ken mentions Star Wars.
    • Spencer gets smug.
    • Andy's winning choice goes against the fan vote.
      • Add a bonus sip if he says, "Based on the arguments" before making his pick.
    • Someone deliberately eggs Dan on.
    • Someone says the words: "franchise", "c'mon", "iconic".
    • During the Speed Round, both contestants had the same answer.
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    • Hal mentions "iconic", "height of [their] powers" or "man".
    • Alicia mentions "Australia" or "Jake Gyllenhaal". Film festivals were also added.
    • Marc Andreyko calls the game biased/rigged.
    • JTE makes a gaffe (which he did a few seconds before Andy announced the rule).