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  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • There was a pretty huge outcry against Episode 70's title "Would Batman v Superman Suck?", which seemingly reinforced Screen Junkies' infamous hate against DC. Hours later, the video was retitled into "Would Batman v Superman Be Great?". Episode 74 further attempted to calm haters by titling their next video "Could Captain America: Civil War Suck?", which discussed the second Civil War trailer that was just released.
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    • After many felt that he was wasted during his first appearance on the show due to the team-up gimmick with Harloff making him Out of Focus, Episode 73 brings back Jeremy Jahns for a normal fight.
    • The episode that guest stars Andre the Black Nerd and Kofi Outlaw can be seen to remedy the lack of black fighters in Movie Fights.
    • After fans complaining that the Screen Junkies crew was significantly Out of Focus during a rather long period of time after the Last Fighter Standing episode (there is only in total 5 appearances as fighters from the original Screen Junkies crew participate from episode 77 to 87 not counting Roth Cornet who only join the crew after her initial appearance, which have a number of 34 potential fighters and 3 of them are from the Drunk Movie Fight episode), episode 88 and 89 returned with two all-Screen Junkies fights in special formats with Breakout Character Alicia Malone and Joe Starr participating while Ensemble Dark Horse Ken Napzok returned to comment on the Bathroom Break segment in the second Drunk Movie Fight.
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    • As described in the It's Short, So It Sucks! example below, many felt that the Star Wars vs. Star Trek topic was wasted due to the short length of the episode it was done in. As a result, Episode 125 brings the topic back, and has 20 minutes dedicated to the question in a match between Scott Mantz and Jon Rocha.
    • A common criticism of the show is that after while, questions began to feel repetitive by staying on certain topics related to today's most popular movie franchises, today's most popular actors, as well as things that are culturally relevant in today's time period. As a result, "Classic Film Fights" was created where every once in awhile, an episode will come around where the focus will be on films and actors that were relevant in the movie eras before the 90s.
    • The revival of the show post-Andy Signore brought in some criticism amongst people who didn't like the switch from a 3-fighter to 2-fighter format with many feeling that it took away a lot of the actual "fighting" charm. 11 episodes later, Screen Junkies proved that they're listening to the criticism, and returned to the 3-fighter format much to the happiness of the viewers who tuned in for that episode.
  • Bizarro Episode:
    • By the producers' own admission, the first episode that featured Jeremy Jahns (episode 17) is by far the craziest episode they have. It features an unprecedented team-up between Jeremy and Kristian, leading to the Screen Junkies tag team raising a peanut gallery throughout the rounds as they try to argue from the couch, and constantly dispute with the host's ruling.
    • Episode 45 was this as well, what with Nick Mundy being the host and going crazy with the rounds, such as "Pitch a buddy movie starring Nick Mundy" and "Bang/Marry/Kill: 90's Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis"
    • Episode 64, a New Year's Eve episode inexplicably set in 1999, from the perspective of the challengers' teenage selves, with topics such as "Pitch the Ideal Sequel to The Matrix", "Fantasy Cast the Inevitable Live-Action Beavis And Butthead Adaptation", and "Pitch a Movie About the Impending Y2K Disaster".
    • Episode 69, starring Max Landis, Rob Fee, and Dan Murrell, who is forced to argue Mike's points because Carlson is Late for School. Part of the way into the episode, Mike joins in via Skype (with the video upside down) while he's still driving through LA traffic, and only physically makes it to the set in the middle of round four.
    • Episode 76, which followed a Last Man Standing format. The way Andy judged the rounds was that he eliminated the person that had the weakest argument, which brings in the next person to battle the two winners. The match goes through eight contestants until there is only two left that duel in a normal Speed Round.
      • Last Man Standing makes a return for Episode 112.
    • Episode 82, where all of the fighters (Spencer Gilbert, Ken Napzok, and Dan Murrell) and Andy Signore get drunk.
      • The drunk episode was brought back in Episode 89, featuring Hal Rudnick, Alicia Malone and Marc Andreyko with Ken Napzok returned to comment on the participants during the Bathroom Break segment.
      • Drunk fighting is then brought back again for Episode 115. Only this time around, it's used for the championship match between Alicia Malone, Ken Napzok, and Dan Murrell.
    • Invoked in Episode 88, which was actually labelled "Weird Movie Fights". Resident Cloudcuckoolanders Mike Carlson and Nick Mundy was brought in (alongside first-time fighter Joe Starr, who is no less weird) to debate topics such as "Pitch a Cars 6 movie" and "Which two movie characters would have the best sex scene" and "What scene in a movie would be better with a man playing saxophone in the rain?". Even the Speed Round questions were... extremely unconventional, to say the least, with questions like, "If you have to eat any actor, who would it be?"
    • Episode 92, the Classic Film Fight, not only asking questions only about classic movies, but was also shot entirely in black and white.
      • Brought back again for Episode 116.
  • Broken Base:
    • Regarding Episode 45, or the Mundy Fights, Andy wonders if letting Nick host the show while he and Dan went off to Chicago was the best or the worst decision he's ever made. Fans agree with this dilemma, with some enjoying the craziness of the episode as a whole and others hating the obvious bias of some of Nick's winning picks.
    • Episode 79 which Alicia served as judge, not for any particular dislike for Alicia herself but over the fact that the fandom perceived that she was biased and did not do a good job. One of the sticking point is the fact that she eliminated the strongest argument in the fifth round from Roth Cornet because Alicia (wrongly) thinks that it is necessary for the game to proceed to the Speed Round (Roth already has 2 points while the other contestants have 1, which would prompt a tie-breaker if Roth had received the third point and gained a huge lead over the person she competed against in the Speed Round) and led to Roth lost the game to Clarke Wolfe 5-4 in the Speed Round, a result that makes the fans think the former was robbed. However, some do appreciate another all-female episode of Movie Fights and Roth is especially like for her logical, strong, well-spoken argument, especially for her first fight.
    • The new format change that came post-Andy Signore's firing has stirred up many fans. Everything from two fighters to the new set to the mere fact that the fighters are standing at podiums.
  • Crazy Awesome:
    • Nick frequently loses his rounds by pitching very weird ideas when asked to give a dream concept, such as the "Game of Thrones animal kingdom massacre" or "porno Harry Potter" suggestions he made during the championship bout. No one on the panel takes his crazy ideas seriously, but fans seem to love the creativity and enthusiasm to defend those concepts, illogical as they may be.
    • In one of the speed rounds, Andy asked "What is the best movie with the word 'Night' in the title?". Mark answered Night of the Living Dead (1968), while Kristian made up a fake movie called Nightfalls. The judges gave a slight edge to Mark's answer, after which Kristian revealed that his pick was something he came up with on the spot. This revelation both shocked and impressed the crew and viewers alike.
    • Despite Max Landis coming off as a huge Base-Breaking Character to the viewers, hardly anyone can deny how awesome his Man of Steel 2 pitch turned out to be.
    • Mike Carlson falls under this trope as well. While his Cloudcuckoolander ideas can confuse those around him frequently, and his obsession with Botanicus is the stuff of legend, he's also able to fight Dan to a standstill.
  • Cross the Line Twice: Application of this trope from the crazier / desperate fighters tends to create some of the most memorable moments from the show. Special mention should go to the infamous fake movie Nightfalls Speed Round answer by Kristian Harloff, Cody Decker naming a character Silky Cock in his pitch of the next Austin Powers movie Hymens Are Forever as well as the Weird Movie Fight and both Drunk Movie Fights.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Chris Stuckmann is not a regular fighter, and has only made a handful of appearances, but is considered one of the best fighters of the entire show (he's even beaten Dan twice). In the 1-year Anniversary episodes, where the most popular fighters are brought in to ask the fight questions, he was included in the list.
    • Amy Nicholson who many believe to be the best female fighter the show has ever delivered, and has proven to give Dan a run for his money to take his place as Movie Fights champ.
    • Another fighter that was included to ask the questions in the 1-Year Anniversary list was Mike Carlson. He's got himself a lot of fans for his endearingly quirky nature and introducing the popular #Botanicus meme, whilst still having many moments of badassery, including being one of the few people to beat Dan, and ending up as a very close runner-up on the Movie Fights championship.
    • Another fighter that is also extremely popular is Alicia "Red Fury" Malone for not being biased toward comic book movies in her arguments, her Australian accent and also an extremely competent fighter to the point of beating Dan in the Last Fighter Standing Movie Fight and yes, she was included to ask the questions in the 1-Year Anniversary list. She was so popular to the point that she has hosted three and is the most appeared female fighter.
    • Amirose Eisenbach for holding her own against Dan and Alicia for her first battle and extremely extensive knowledge on film despite her only appearance in episode 66 and the other two Curb-Stomp Battle her with Amirose only had 1 point.
    • Ken Napzok shot up to this trope for his appearance in the Drunk Movie Fight episode for actually fighting better when he was drunk. He was so popular and memorable to Drunk Movie Fight that Ken returned in episode 89 the second Drunk Movie Fight after popular fan demands to comment during the Bathroom Break segment.
    • Judging by the comments from episode 79 thinking that she was robbed, Roth Cornet is also one for being a formidable fighter and her memorable Precision F-Strike when Clarke Wolf mentioned the movie Black Swan. Viewers were incredibly happy when she returned in episode 87 and Curb-Stomp Battle the other two guys with the score of 5-2-1 to the point of citing her to be the the only memorable part of both episodes she appeared in.
    • Joe Starr, frequent fact checker and Honest Trailers writer, was adored for his witty comments during fact-checking that he was added to the fighting roster in episode 88. Said episode made him even more popular for managing to hold his own in weird questions against Mike Carlson and Nick Mundy.
    • Cucumber and Chunk, the puppets (or, rather, "felted-Americans") who fought Mike Carlson in the "Movie Fights Extravaganza Benefiting Women in Film," definitely qualify as this if YouTube comments are anything to go by. Everyone was expecting their segment to be no more than a total joke (including the judges themselves), but, in addition to being hilarious, Cucumber and Chunk proved themselves formidable opponents. Cucumber even beat Mike to win the Movie Fights championship belt
    • Greg Alba is a fairly new addition to the Movie Fights roster, and had only made four appearances as of this writing, but he's already considered a worthy opponent to the long-time champion, Dan Murrell. The fact that he is the first, and currently only, person on the show who's ever made a clean sweep (he won 4-0-0 in his debut, and almost did it again in his third appearance by winning all the regular round's questions, even though he lost a speed round question) gives him something of a Memetic Badass status.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Apparently the fanbase ships Joe Starr / Marc Andreyko, which was made into a Running Gag in the Drunk Movie Fight Championship round.
  • Foe Yay: Sasha Perl-Raver has this dynamic during her fight with Cody and Coy despite being married. It doesn't help that most of the rebuttal from the three towards each other tends to come across as subdued and friendly as oppose to the usual strong or even vicious ones that the other fighters dish out.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Any old episode that involves Andy Signore (the vast majority of them, given that he was the main judge) became this after he had been accused on multiple accounts of sexual misconduct. Said accusations resulted in his termination from the show on October 8th, 2017. Especially painful is any episodes that involve fans, as several of the released messages and testimonies from his accusers indicate that invites to the Fan Cam were used as pretenses or bribes for his inappropriate actions.
    • The episode Dumbest Movie Premise of All Time? has JTE argue for Rhinestone. Part of his argument was that the idea of having sex with someone due to losing a bet is disgusting. This is much harsher knowing Andy's sexual harassment of his girlfriend.
    • Hal's rant against Bill Cosby in the Last Fighter Standing episode becomes this after knowing that he is working with another sexual predator sitting next to him.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Just a few days before Episode 40 was released, a fan created a fake Honest Trailer for the Movie Fights series, which called out the Screen Junkies crew for their apparent DC-hate and excessive Marvel fanboyism (even redubbing the show as "Marvel Fights"). Episode 40 is a DC-centric episode, and features one Marvel movie related question that two of the three fighters weren't on board for.
  • Internet Backdraft: When episode 70 was released on YouTube with the title "Would Batman v Superman Suck?", complaints about the Screen Junkies' memetic status as a DC-hater came back with a vengeance. However, the actual question talked less how bad the movie was going to be, and was more of a prediction for its critical reception and box office results.
  • It's Short, So It Sucks!: The Star Wars vs. Star Trek episode only ran for 30 minutes (less than half of the usual episode length), and most of the fight played out like Speed Rounds even though the Speed Round had yet to be implemented. As a result, many people contested the game's conclusion, complaining that the contestants were barely given the time to defend their picks, especially Hal's.
  • Les Yay: The three ladies in episode 80 bathes in this dynamic constantly. Jen Yamato and Amy Nicholson even jokingly utters "love" to each other at different points.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • NightfallsExplanation 
    • #botanicusExplanation 
    • Marvel JunkiesExplanation 
    • Comic JunkiesExplanation 
  • Never Live It Down:
    • In an unusually positive example of this trope, Kristian Harloff will, from now on, be fondly remembered as the one who created Nightfalls.
    • Hal Rudnick said "iconic" around four times in separate fights but he will forever be known as "That guy who said Iconic a lot".
    • Towards the show, Dan has always been a bit bitter about the "Fun or Failure" question for the Jurassic World fight due to how one-sided it was. It's a lot easier to point out why a movie is fun despite being a bad movie over trying to explain why the movie was a complete failure.
    • In this show, Brett Ehrlich is most well-known for his "blowjob ghost" debate in episode 68, with the question: "You're doomed to be haunted by one movie ghost, who do you pick?"
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Sasha Perl-Raver's second appearance in episode 103 made many other fans' warm up to her, even those who dislike her initial appearance. It helps that she didn't bring her own contact like the last fight.
  • Shipping Goggles: Many viewers have noticed that there seemed to be some kind of spark going on between Dan Murrell and Amy Nicholson when they were against one another in Episode 37. Dan later admitted on Twitter that the two were, in fact, dating.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: The episode "Movie Fights Extravaganza Benefiting Women in Film" message of how the film industry still discriminates against women and the extremely unsubtle way everyone deliver the message not only did not effect how entertaining the episode is, but also created incredibly touching moments such as when the female participants talked about how the women in cinema and in their life inspired and helped them on their own film career or when they explain the purpose of Women in Film organization.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!:
    • While people have continued to get over it as time passes by, changing the amount of fights from 7 to 6 before the Speed Round got some flak when the switch happened at Episode 28.
    • Another fight decrease from 6 to 5 happened at Episode 69 due to the show wanting to avoid 2-2-2 tie-breakers, which was happening often. The backlash this time around is from people who find that the normal rounds go for way too long; sometimes being stuck on the same question for around 20 minutes.
    • Many viewers weren't a fan of the post-revival show due to the format switch from 3-fighters to 2-fighters. Such criticisms were noted by Screen Junkies since they returned to the 3-fighter format after 11 episodes.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Often happens when the crew engage in team battles.
    • The Screen Junkies have received a lot of requests to bring in Jeremy Jahns in Movie Fights, which they did. During the show, Jeremy pulled off the infamous Jahns-Harloff team-up, where Kristian ended up doing most of the talking. Let down fans complain that this is one of the worse Movie Fights episode because of it.
    • Happens again during the showdown between Screen Junkies vs. CinemaSins, where Andy Signore and Jeremy Scott ended up taking over most of the debate, somewhat sidelining their respective team mates: Dan Murrell and Chris Atkinson. Particularly with Chris since Dan, at the very least, is seen throughout Movie Fights.
    • Happens once more with the "Fun or Failure" team-up episode for Batman v Superman. While the Marc Andreyko / John Campea team did a decent job balancing the talk between each another, the other team, Dan Murrell / Harley Morenstein, wasn't as balanced. Dan did a large majority of the talking while Harley stayed Out of Focus.
    • Despite positive reaction to her appearance for being a formidable fighter (to the point that she advanced to the Championship Round on her first fight), the show hasn't invited ComicBookGirl19 for another appearance.
    • The same thing can be said for Amy Nicholson, who only appeared twice after the Championship round. For those who keep track, that means 2 appearances in 52 episodes. In fact, some fans of the show complain that Movie Fights tend to have fan-favorites (like Chris Stuckmann, Jeremy Jahns, the aforementioned Amy and ComicBookGirl19) Out of Focus while keep inviting back Scrappies like Kim Horcher and Alison Haislip whose spot could go to the above people or new guest stars.
    • Adam from Yourmoviesucks DO Torg appeared in one episode, and did his absolute best to be funny and give legit answers, but was also the first episode with Spencer Gilbert as the judge, which meant Adam had to argue for a judge that was radically different than the others. As a a result, Adam's fans were greatly upset at how Adam lost the Lightning Round due to technicalitiesExplanation , in addition to Adam being asked questions outside his normal movie comfort zone. Not helping was that Adam couldn't be his usual comedic self because he needed to be more serious, thus meaning he came across as very restrained. He has yet to reappear.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Political?: Andy tried his best to avert this in Episode 76. The question, "Choose an actor to punch in the face" got some very interesting responses from the panel. Andy actually disqualified Spencer for focusing his argument entirely on the actress' personal life (while not even knowing any roles the actress in question have ever played) and warned everyone else not to repeat the same.
  • The Woobie: Poor Spencer Gilbert just can't seem to get it done. He's proven himself to be a decent fighter that gets him through the early Movie Fight rounds, but has always been shown to struggle to come out on top in the Speed Round. Then he blew up his chances in the Last Fighter Standing episode, where he got a little too political in his answer choice for the question "If you could punch one actor in the face, who would it be?" and was immediately disqualified before he had the chance to argue properly. He's gotten better in recent years, even winning the Showstopper in the "Dumbest Movie Premise of All Time" Last Fighter Standing in November 2016 culminating in him cashing it in seven months later at the end of the lengthy "E.T. vs Jaws" Championship, overcoming an exhausted Dan to become only the second ever Movie Fights Champion.

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