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  • Michael: For about a year he relives the pain of his death every morning, and doesn't just end it. He gets stabbed, beheaded and buried by Frank Collins' bikers and gets back up for more.
  • Claire takes a major level in badass:
    • Staking Francois with a pencil.
    • She does it again in Kiss of Death.
    • Using physics to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow in Kiss Of Death.
    • Nailing Morley through the heart with said bow and arrow.
    • Working for Myrnin whilst he's still sick. More Badass than it sounds.
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  • Amelie's brilliant end-game in Carpe Corpus.
  • Sam rescuing Claire in The Dead Girls Dance.
  • Oliver, Michael and Jason in Kiss Of Death.
  • The residents of Blacke in Kiss Of Death.
  • Oliver, in general.
  • Myrnin; complete Cloud Cuckoo Lander, brilliant scientist, wackiest dresser EVER.
  • Myrnin saved the woman he loved by building a computer out of glass, wood and her brain.
  • The residents of Morganville in general, but especially in Lord Of Misrule and Carpe Corpus where they basically survive a vampire turf-war.
  • Jason Rosser in Kiss Of Death goes out in a town over-run by psychotic vampires and steals a tractor.
  • Frank's Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Morley and Oliver banding together to try and save the Blacke vampires.
  • Eve slapping Amelie across the face when the latter forbids her and Michael's wedding in Last Breath.
  • Claire slapping down Oliver for trying to assert mastery over the Morganville humans (rather than an equal partnership), complete with a mini-Breaking Speech and threatening to punch him with a pair of silver brass knuckles if he ever hits her again.
    • The fact that she refers to herself and the rest of the Glass House crew as his friends also probably stung.

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