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  • When it's revealed just what happened to Nellon in chapter 8, March understandably freaks out and is about to kill her client, but is stopped by Belma. Belma and Rodin then tell March that If You Kill Him, You Will Be Just Like Him. Rodin comes back to have tea with the man, and kills him with an untraceable poison, because the man was clearly too dangerous to let live, but he couldn't allow March to become any more like the Ill inside her. Made better when we see Belma on the window ledge having a smoke, implying that he would have done the same thing had Rodin not beaten him to it.
    • Made even better because Rodin doesn't do this to prevent March from doing it—he does it because the man made March cry.

  • In Chapter 2 Zen standing up to Possessed!Orche.

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