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YMMV / March Story

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  • Tear Jerker: It seems like any time we see a character's back story we get one of these.
    • March: Because she spoke up about how she felt about Lady Janjaghee her village was massacred, she was kidnapped and left in a room filled with corpses, her sister was made to die slowly on a hook so that the Lady could drink her blood. Once she's done she dons the sister's face and runs into March. She then proceeds to rip the face off. March runs back into the corpse room and lets an Ill inside her, becoming a Creepy Child and proceeds to kill the Lady. Jake then arrives and convinces the Ill to go to sleep inside March's heart, giving March access to some of its powers, but if she ever falls in love the Ill will wake up and she'll die. March thinks all of this is her fault.
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    • Jake, and The Reveal that happened during her fight against Lady Janjaghee in the final battle. At first, the reader believes that the person that Jake was in love with was her master. But then it was revealed that it was actually her master's son who was her lover, and he left the castle to assist someone using his glass sculpting talents. That someone? Lady Janjaghee. Turns out the reason why the son died was because Janjaghee imprisoned him and continuously tortured him because he wouldn't love her. Instead, he just kept on proclaiming that he'd always Jake and only her. This, of course, presses Jake's Berserk Button which is what leads to her death. And if that wasn't enough, one of the final shots in the Finale is Jake's grave, which is right next to her lover's.


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