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MOTHER/EarthBound Beginnings


MOTHER 2/EarthBound

  • The first group of enemies Ness takes down in the game are the Sharks, a gang that's constantly causing trouble in Onett. Think about that for a minute- A 13 year old boy single handedly taking down a dangerous gang, not to mention their knife wielding leader and his robot. It may be a video game, but it's still pretty awesome.
  • Ness gets another when he saves Paula from the happy-happyist cult, a bunch of loons who look like blue-clothed KKK members who are obsessed with the color blue. They even painted the whole town blue!
  • Poo suddenly swooping down from the sky against the fight with Master Barf in Earthbound, and then taking it out in a single blast with PK Starstorm. Also, the Runaway Five bursting in during the Clumsy Robot fight definitely deserves a mention.
  • Jeff's introduction in general. After Ness and Paula are captured by zombies, Jeff gets a telepathic call for help from Paula. He then sneaks out of his boarding school, armed only with an air gun, teams up with a bubble-gum chewing monkey, rides the loch-ness monster across a giant lake, adventuring through caves and forests, fighting crazed billy goats and cavemen to his father's lab, and rides a UFO all the way out to Eagle Land to save his friends. Did I mention that Jeff is the only member of the group without any psychic powers whatsoever?
  • Who just destroyed an Eldritch Abomination that would doom an entire world to everlasting darkness? You did by praying for four kids you had never even met. You're awesome.
    • To elaborate, that statement's "you" doesn't mean your characters in the party in the game, it means you. As in the one holding the controller playing the game. The fourth wall will not protect Giygas.
    • What really sells this is the sheer amount of damage the player deals to Giygas. When it's all said and done, they've dealt about 50,000 HP worth of damage. Even the strongest attacks in the game won't reach 2,000 HP of damage.
  • The huge level up Ness gets after defeating his nightmare in his Magicant in the Sea of Eden it just feels awesome to earn a huge reward that actually gives you a big satisfying feeling for completing all the Sanctuaries, finishing up collecting the melodies, and taking care of the boss before the final one.
    • Reading the text, "Ness gained 200,000 exp.", is enough to make anyone's mouth hang open for about 10 seconds.
  • Early on, Ness defeats the Onett police force single-handedly.
  • Meta example: when Satoru Iwata (who later became Nintendo's president until his death in 2015) singlehandedly saved the game from crashing and burning in development by sitting down and reprogramming the entire thing by himself, with what is functionally a unique, custom-made programming language! While the end result is complex enough to scare away most modders, it's not a jumbled mess of spaghetti code as one would expect: everything makes sense from a logistical perspective, and the level of complexity allows for unprecedented levels of detail with even the tiniest things in the game. Among other things, the code for how the game generates text, despite its unorthodox structure, is in-depth enough to convey minute nuances in tone and intonation accurately reflective of real-life speech (something text-only dialogue usually struggles with) in ways that aren't even seen in most modern games!
  • Another meta example: After all these years of pleading and begging, Nintendo finally managed to rerelease Earthbound to America on Virtual Console. The unwavering desire of the fans is something to admire.
    • And when Nintendo did rerelease Earthbound? They put the old strategy guide online. Optimized for the Wii U controller's screen, even!
    • Two years later, the game is still the second most popular item sold on the Wii U virtual console, suggesting that a new generation of kids will experience a game that was mostly unknown outside its cult following for twenty years.
    • Exactly how popular is Earthbound? Popular enough that when it was offered as one of the final rewards for Club Nintendo, they managed to temporarily run out of stock. Of a digital download.
  • Any time that you win a battle without even fighting.
  • Just how known this game got to be. It was obscure in the beginning but then more and more people played up to the point where they made VA lets plays and TwitchPlays of it!

MOTHER 3/EarthBound 2

  • Mother 3: Kumatora, Wess, and Salsa have been cornered by Yokuba/Fassad, the Pig Masks, and a heavy artillery tank when Lucas suddenly pops in out of nowhere and whistles, summoning a baby Drago — who in turn roars and summons the mama Drago, who tosses the baddies about like ragdolls before utterly flattening the tank. And to think, this was the same boy who'd run away crying earlier in the story! This moment marks the beginning of Lucas's growth into a hero.
    • Speaking of Lucas's growth into a hero, the little epilogue at the end of Chapter 3 immediately afterwards definitely deserves a mention. The first two Chapters ended very sadly with miserable music to boot- This one ends with the event mentioned above and this triumphant music.
    • Salsa gets one within the same scene, when he issues the command to make the Drago knock a stuttering Fassad/Yokuba into next week. And later, the little monkey gets another by deactivating the Ultimate Chimera.
      • Earlier on, Wess manages to get the remote to his shock collar and he, along with Kumatora, step aside and says he's free to destroy it himself. Salsa's response? Lunging at the remote at full speed and stamping it into the ground. He accidentally shocks himself in doing so, but you have to admit that looked awesome and felt just as cathartic.
  • And then there's the battle where the band DCMC storms in and helps the party by smashing the last three Porky mechs and finishing the battle. There's just something about the Mother series and awesome bands.
  • One that, unfortunately, did not make it to the live game: when asked whether Lucas should pull the final needle, picking "no" would have resulted in the game telling you: "No one can stop Lucas from pulling the Needle. No one." In other words, Lucas actively defies the player to do what he knows is right.
  • Meta-example: the group behind the Fan Translation. Two years of work, overcoming innumerable flaws, limitations, and bugs, all while knowing Nintendo or HAL could send them a 'cease and desist' and they'd have to comply. And yet, they managed to create what's considered one of the best translation hacks there is. Somebody give these guys a medal.
    • Here's the online readme. It lists all the technical hurdles they had to overcome.
      • Bonus points for them actually keeping famous references from Mother 2's English translation intact, such as hacking the wooden limbless doll and octopus statue to look like the the two Pencil statues and Eraser statue as well as the magazine from the run-down old house in Onett, and hacking the Pencil Eraser item so that it can stay the same as it was in the English translation of Mother 2. Really proves how dedicated those fans were.
  • One certain Moment of the game is often overlooked in how Awesome it is when you take the time to think about what it truly means, that moment being when Lucas chooses to pull the Final needle after Claus dies. After all the pain, all the loss, and all the suffering Lucas has gone through in the game, he has to lose his brother all over again on top of it. Now, at this point, Lucas is the only one left who can still pull the Needle and change the world for better or worse. He could've broken down all over again and been rendered so traumatized that he couldn't force himself to pull the needle anymore and just cry, like he did when his Mother died. He could've just left the Needle and turned his back on the world and the people in it for all the Horrible Things the world and fate have thrown at him. But he *doesn't*. Despite everything that's happened to him, despite how he has every right to just stop and give up on the world or just break down and cry from all his hardships, he still moves forward, and chooses to pull the Final Needle and change the world for the better. He *still* does what's right despite his pain, and it shows that he's finally learned to cope with Death and move on despite how much it hurts, and does this so that the world can finally be rid of evil and no one will have to suffer again. It really shows how much Lucas has matured and grown up, how selfless he's become and how kind he still is even now, despite his past.

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