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Awesome / Law Abiding Citizen

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  • Shelton making bail and then calling out the judge for letting him go free. Too bad everything he does from that point on gets worse...
  • Or the scene where Clyde steps back into his cell at the end, only to find Nick Rice waiting for him to be one.
  • "It's a decision you'll have to live with the rest of your life... which I figure now's about twenty-five more seconds."
  • "Or I kill everyone."
  • The entire conversation between Nick, Jonas, and the spy was one of the awesomest moments of the movie.
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  • Clyde calmly explaining to Clarence that he's going to cut off his penis, tongue, and every single digit of Clarence's body, and that's just the beginning. He then proceeds to slowly torture the murdering rapist to death.


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