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Nightmare Fuel / Law Abiding Citizen

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  • The break-in sequence in the beginning. Clyde is forced to watch his family killed while he is tied up and helpless.
  • The death of Ames. What was supposed to be a relatively peaceful death by lethal injection turns into something horrifying because one of the chemicals was switched.
  • The death of Darby, beginning with Clyde's To the Pain speech beforehand. He then starts by using a circular saw to cut off his leg. Bonus points for Clyde sending a video-recording of the procedure to Nick's house, and Nick's ten-year-old daughter sees it.
    • The crime scene; blood is dripping into buckets that are almost full already. On the operating table is what is left of Darby; he's missing all four of his limbs and his head, which is sitting on a nearby table, and his tanktop is practically coated in blood. Even the two detectives almost puke at seeing this.
  • Clyde himself is this, with a healthy dose of Paranoia Fuel. Imagine someone who's job it is not just to kill people, but kill anyone. People who are almost impossible to track or get close to. People who trust very few others and are surrounded by cordons of security. Now imagine someone who has spent years, if not a decade or two, thinking "how best can I kill this person"? That's all he was trained to think about. Mission after mission, body after body, death and assassination in every form imaginable (and some rather hard to imagine) were all he concerned himself with. And now he has a reason to turn all that against the system that trained him.

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