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Their films may mainly have a lot of hilarious moments, but that doesn't mean there can't be any awesome moments either:

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  • One Good Turn: The ending. Stan finally snaps and starts physically attacking Ollie while shouting threats. It's satisfying to watch.
    • And then he demolishes the whole house with an axe, causing it to crash down on Ollie!
  • In Block-Heads, the boys have a run-in with a bratty little kid (played by Tommy Bond, aka "Butch" in The Little Rascals). This leads to the kid's father twice kicking Ollie in the rear...for which Stan retaliates in turn by landing a punch on the guy's chin that knocks him out cold.
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  • The fact that the duo are practically Made of Iron-they can survive falls from ladders, pianos crushing them, sinking in mud holes, their car being blown up with a shotgun, houses collapsing on them-and still live to see another day. Hell, the only thing Ollie couldn't survive was a plane crash in The Flying Deuces (but Stan survived), and Ollie got reincarnated as a horse!
  • In Beau Hunks, the entire attack by the Arabs is defeated by Stan, who scatters tacks on the desert surface which prick the bare feet of the attackers. The Riffs are so busy screaming in pain, they forget to take over the fort. Meanwhile, the remaining group of soldiers, out of ammo and with an injured commander, stare in amazement as the army that was going to kill them all are defeated by the boys throwing tacks of them lazily.
    • The speech made by the General when Stan and Ollie propose leaving is ridiculously inspiring.
    • The commander of a nearby fort refusing to surrender to the Riffs-even if it is his last chance. Four-Star Badass, indeed, with a broken arm. Even when he starts crying when the Riffs are gone, you've got to admire him for being The Stoic in the face of the enemy.
    • The boys fooling the Riffs into thinking the signal has come to storm the fort by tripping over one of the attackers sneaking in.
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    • While the Riffs are screaming in pain over the tack attack, a Riff sneaks up behind Ollie with a knife. Unfortunately, Stan notices him and tosses tacks at him, then Ollie beats the crap out of him with a barrel. And just to make sure, they throw tacks at him, too.
    • The company the boys are in finally arrive and charge into the fort, ending the battle for once and for all.
  • A meta-example: When Oliver Hardy had a near-fatal heart attack, he was merely paralyzed and survived for a year before dying. Made of Iron, even in real life! Most people would have died.
  • The ending of Blotto. Laurel's wife makes the boys' car explode with one blast from her shotgun.
  • In Them Thar Hills, Ollie gets his gouty foot, in a cast, stuck in a wooden box. He then proceeds to kick it off into bits with said foot.
  • The Battle of the Century's pie fight is still the biggest one in cinema history, and its the Trope Codifier for Pie in the Face, too.
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  • In Big Business, the homeowner is strong enough to rip the entire gas tank off the boys's car.
  • In Two Tars, when Ollie is getting beaten up by a sweet shop assistant, Stan marches over and tells him an amazing Badass Boast: "You're flirtin' with Death, son!"
    • And when he fails (due to the scattered gumballs), their new girlfriends get out and kick the assistant's ass.
    • During the car wrecking scene, the boys push a man over hard enough to send him flying into his car, which then falls over.
  • The second half of Liberty, frightening as it is, is still a Moment of Awesome as they were 20 stories up on a unfinished skyscraper, balancing on girders and still managed to get down by themselves.
  • In The Music Box, when the Nurse laughs at them the first time the piano falls down, what does Stan do? Literal Ass-Kicking!
    • And when the haughty Professor asks them to let him pass, then starts shouting at them for not doing so, the boys punch his top hat off hard enough to send it flying down the stairs, where it gets run over by a truck.
    • A meta example-that was an actual, heavy packing case Stan and Ollie were carrying up the stairs. They could have did this on a sound stage, they could have done this with a fake case, but instead they chose to film on actual stairs, actually struggling up it with the case, for the sake of comedy. And the result won them an Oscar.
  • Another met-example, combined with Tear Jerker, from Stan's funeral ceremony:
    "Chaplin wasn't the funniest. I wasn't the funniest. He was the funniest."

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