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  • Managing to do a relatively unbiased review of The Conversion Bureau fanfiction group. While the presenter is positive, they don't overlook the people that don't and why. Considering the massive Broken Base around that fic, it's nice to see someone present it while avoiding leaning to one extreme or another.
  • Air Waves delivering a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Press Release when he tries to paint the Bronies as something to be feared and hated, calling him out for his bias, blatant reporting and supporting the Bronies and declaring he would report on the bronies no matter what. Not only does it shut up Press Release, it earns the respect of the rest of the crew and the Inventory another whole year of funding.
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  • Air Waves calling in an old friend to counteract Free Lance's slander of Vinyl Scratch.
  • The group finally defeating Free Lance via a Batman Gambit and revealing him to be a Changeling.

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