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Even back in 1916, they still had incredible sets.

  • Any time the Mountain Girl's onscreen. Her actress Constance Talmadge does an incredible performance and her character does an incredible job fighting the Persians with the squad and protecting.
  • The Dear One's love for The Boy can also qualify. Her marrying for the Boy and seeing the good in him, is what caused him to give up his criminal ways and turn in his gun. (Too bad it didn't end well for him.)
  • The Friendless One following the Musketeer and making sure he doesn't hurt The Dear One, after pretending to be asleep.
    • Then after the Musketeer tricks the Dear One into trusting her, the Boy was coming upstairs wanting to know what was going in the room and kicked the door down! Then he fought the Musketeer after he saw the Dear One's pain.
      • The Dear One and the Boy were unconscious, the Musketeer was in a great position to finish the two off, and then the Friendless One, who snuck through a fire escape and near a window shot the Musketeer, saving the Dear One and The Boy. Talk about Big Damn Heroes. (Too bad The Boy got blamed for it.)
  • Everything about the climax of the film towards the ending.
    • The film starts to end as the segments get shorter and shorter and then eventually, all four of the stories are wound up into a dramatic, and suspenseful climax that has to be seen to believe.
      • In the Modern Story, for those of you don't like the Downer Endings of the latter two, the Last-Minute Reprieve in this story, will brighten your mood. The Dear One and the Friendless One had rescue the Boy before the governor has him hanged to his death, and reveal the Boy didn't commit the murder. The gang approached the governor and the Friendless One confessed that she was the true murderer. Right before the Boy is getting hanged, The Governor's aide called the prison from a phone booth. The guard answered the phone, and stated the execution shouldn't happen. Then guard immediately tried to stop the hanging, but the executioner ignored the guard and kept tried to hang the Boy again, and then, The policeman handed over the pardon which governor had signed regarding the Boy's innocence. Then the executor tell the hanging to stop and the Boy is released from the scaffold. Then the Dear One and the Boy happily reunite and kiss each other. It's the only segment to have a happy ending.
      • In the Judean Story, Brilliant light is streaming from the top of the hillside where the crucifixion has taken place.
      • In the French Story, soldiers were sweeping through the city and slaughtering the French Protestants. Prosper is alarmed of the slaughter and immediately races to protect his loved one. Brown Eyes is no slouch either, she loaded a musket with a ramrod, and her father fires at soldiers who have broken down and forced open their front door. Brown Eyes even broke a vase over a soldier's head. The family did all they could to protect the baby. Even with all of Prosper's attempts he was still too late to rescue Brown Eyes and family, and saw them all dead. Rather than just shrug it off, he carried Brown Eyes to the street, and commanded an army of royalist soldiers to kill him as well, Let us repeat that, he willing sacrificed his own life, just so he could be together with his loved one in the afterlife. Talk about true love!
      • In the Babylonian Story, when the Mountain Girl hears of an impending invasion by Cyrus, she immediately raced on her chariot to warn Prince Belshazzar about the invasion. Even when she had to halt her chariot, she managed to find an alternate way in the city. When the enemy managed to enter the city, a lot of Babylonians were instantly slaughtered, but Belshazzar, Prince Beloved and the Mountain Girl fought the Persians anyway, knowing they wouldn't stand a chance, but then they went to a safer area. Eventually Belshazzar and the Princess committed suicide on themselves, and the Mountain Girl realized she had an arrow pierced into her and passed out/died. But right before she officially dies, the Mountain Girl has crawled toward the Prince so she could be next to him. So the two of them will forever live in peace together in the underworld. Go ahead guys, you've earned it.
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  • Those incredible sets for the Babylonian segments. A majority of it is shown in the picture above. As shown in the picture above. Even the early films can have some awesome backgrounds. And get this, back in the mid-10s, they didn't have most of the technology we have today. A set like that must have been ground-breaking! Those guys were using cinematic methods ahead of their time and influencing a whole generation of future film-makers.


  • The entire film can be considered one long Moment of Awesome, especially when you stop to think about the structure of Griffith's film. Not only did he manage to cut from multiple scenes with the rocking cradle scene, and basically invent suspenseful crosscutting sequences, he managed to create four different stories that all link towards the same subject, and have enough depth to last as stand-alone stories (Especially the Babylonian and the Modern stories). Then after he made some changes to the film, the story managed to stand with its 2 hour length and its expensive price- around $2,000,000, plus a third of it was used for the Babylonian segments.

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