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  • The group managing to break out of jail and get out of Bent Fork in "Tennessee Bound." One of the few times when a Zany Scheme in the show actually works.
  • From the episode guest-starring Harpo Marx:
    • Harpo plays "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" on the harp. Gotta see it to believe it.
    • Lucy does the Mirror Routine... with HARPO!!!
      • How he gets her in the end is another moment in and of itself: by turning his hat into a yo-yo and pulling it back into his hands after she drops hers. The routine ends with them hugging each other.
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    • Meta example from the same episode: Harpo had heart surgery a few days earlier and his doctors advised him not to do the show, but he decided to go ahead anyway.
  • In "Lucy and Superman," Lucy, who is dressed up like Superman, is stuck on a window ledge with her cape caughtnote  and Superman himself (played by George Reeves) almost casually hops across the ledge from the window to help her out. Doubles as a funny moment.
  • A minor one for Little Ricky in "Lucy Does the Tango": Little Ricky and Bruce Ramsey - a couple of six-year-olds - somehow manage to hide away two hundred fully-grown chickens in the space of a couple hours.

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