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  • Grade, I Hate Everything and Channel Awesome, as well as several other channels managing to raise enough attention regarding channels and 3rd parties breaking rules that it got the attention of Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube, who even mentioned them in one of her tweets. It appears that the more the unscrupulous channels and 3rd parties try slapping them with false copyright claims, monetization claims and stealing their content, the more attention Grade and his pals get regarding YouTube's broken system, to the point that there's simply no way to put them aside without the community demanding for a change.
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  • Grade verbally tearing Joseph Costello a new one in one of his Drama Alert debates, when the latter decides to use Insane Troll Logic claiming that since his acts of douchebaggery are genuine, unlike other YouTube pranksters, he should be looked up upon... somehow. He even goes so far as to pull off some victim blaming during his condom-in-a-burger prank when he himself created the scenario in the first place that escalated further when the restaurant manager was pissed off by his antics and threw the burger back at him, after Joseph told him that it was 'just a prank'. Grade obviously isn't amused by his shenanigans and proceeds to deliver a "Reason You Suck" Speech to Joseph.
    Keemstar: Are you being rude to people?
    Joseph: *hesitates* Umm...
    Keemstar: Yes! Yes! There's no 'umm'!
    Joseph: Let me talk, bro! Shit, can I talk?
    Keemstar: But I just don't understand the 'umm', it's like-
    Grade: -hesitating.
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  • In a video by fellow YouTuber Pyrocynical which details Pyro's problems with the infamous Keemstar of Drama Alert, Grade appears in the video to state that any friendly relations he had with Keemstar have since come to an end. Grade states that it is because he's grown tired of Keemstar's deplorable actions such as releasing private information and constantly lying about people who even mildly criticize him (like Pyrocynical).
  • During one of Grade's videos on Keemstar,Grade nearly gets Keem Hoist by His Own Petard by pointing out all the hypocrisy in Keem's actions as of late.
    Grade: So we all need to band together one last time and MAKE YOUTUBE GREAT AGAIN by getting rid of Keemstar once and for-fucking-all!

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