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  • Nick managing to turn the tide just a little bit and get some of the public back on his side with the video of him, half-drunk, professing his love for Amy and begging her to come back. It works so well that even Amy herself was convinced to return.
  • Near the end of the book Nick torpedoes Amy's latest scheme to keep him in line (framing him for poisoning her) showing that now that he knows how the game is played he can play it as good as Amy does.
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  • Margo's last line to Nick in the film — "Of course I'm with you. I've been with you since before you were born."
  • Nick's final decision to to remain with Amy to protect his unborn son.
  • Love her or hate her, Amy's pre-disappearance plan works so perfectly that all she has to do is sit back and watch the world turn on Nick and her "Cool Girl" speech is the cherry on top.


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