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Headscratchers / Gone Girl

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  • Why did Nick conceal Clue 3 from the cops? In fact, he conceals it before he even knows what it points to.
    • He stopped bringing the police along on the scavenger hunt when it led to them finding the pair of red panties at his office. He was worried they might be Andie's, and wanted to keep his affair a secret.
  • Nick refuses to reveal his alibi to the cops because it's personally damning — his affair with Andi. However, after she reveals the affair and the cops (and public) clearly already hate him as much as they ever well, there's no reason for him to not come forward about that. While he states that their encounter wouldn't exonerate him completely (he also spent some time hiding out in a nearby garage to read old magazines) it surely puts a pin in the perceived timeline formulated by the cops.
    • He had two choices. Reveal the affair immediately, or conceal it until it inevitably comes out in the future.
      • Revealing the affair immediately may have given him a more believable alibi, but it also gives him a motive (which matches the 'man cave' toys, insurance and financial records) and may have lead to an immediate arrest.
      • Concealing it early avoids giving police a motive, but results in any alibi based around it as worthless, because too much time had passed for it to be seen as anything but the mistress trying to cover up for her murderous boyfriend. Had he told them immediately, the Police would have been able to contact Andie immediately, and interrogate her about the affair & alibi with her not knowing anything and thus making her eventual confirmation of the alibi more believable.

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