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Awesome / Fear, Loathing and Gumbo on the Campaign Trail '72

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • After Agnew pardons himself, the House and Senate leaders use that pardon to impeach him and remove him from office, replacing him with James Gavin, a former Army general who was elected Speaker of the House.
  • The IRA sends five operatives to kidnap Sean Connery the way that they did Roger Moore. Connery beats the stuffing out of them.
  • George Wallace's appearance on Spiro Agnew's talk show. When Agnew goes for the low blow and tries to turn Wallace's disability into an issue (Wallace had been paralyzed ever since he was shot), Wallace turns it around and not only makes Agnew look like a jerkass for bringing it up, but he takes the physical pain he's gone through for the last four years and ties it to the economic pain that Americans had been feeling during the Second Great Depression.
    • Wallace again, for honestly recanting his racist beliefs and inviting his rivals Ron Dellums and Nick Katzenbach into his campaign once he becomes the clear frontrunner. Shame the latter falls apart later on.
    • In the 80's, Wallace returns to politics one more time in response to Rumsfeldia. Though aged and in poor health, he almost casually becomes Attorney-General and then Governor of Alabama. Again. All while avoiding trumped-up charges brought against him by Malleus Democrat and publicly decrying Rumsfeld. Say what you will about George Wallace, but he's diehard as it gets.
  • Wallace destroying the nuclear capabilities of China after the Lesser Mao nukes a rebelling city.
  • After the Communist Party of Italy is elected into government, a cabal of right-wing businessmen and other figures attempts to overthrow them. When the plot actually goes into action, not only do both Washington and Moscow protest the coup, but dozens of ambassadors from countries on both sides of the Cold War camp out in front of the Italian legislature as a sign of protest. Unsurprisingly, the coup collapses in less than a week.
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  • Jimmy Carter manages to predict and prevent the attempts to get him committed on baseless charges of mental illness for publicly opposing Rumsfeld, uses this to convince the Vice-President of just how bad Rumsfeld is, and starts to organize a movement to impeach him. Sadly, it falls apart.
  • The State of California gets one for collectively defying Rumsfeld and Cheney by passing the Articles of Secession and naming their administration the cause of America's suffering.
    • Which is subsequently repeated by Hawaii and Idaho.
  • Agnew eventually calls out President Rumsfeld on his Corporate-Fascist dictatorship, and joins forces with other Northeastern governors in forming a nullification pact.
  • Nicholas Cage and "LJ" Smith both kill the Liberty Legion officers nearest to them during the Cuban invasion. The former because they attempt to arrest him for using Cuban made gear because it works better than its American counterpart, the latter because they kill wounded Marines in front of him "to save costs".
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  • Bill Clinton calling out House Speaker Trent Lott for letting a fundamentalist become Vice President.
  • All of congress and the loyal citizens who stand by them for defying Douglas Coe, Steven Symms, and their fundamentalist cronies. It's a final act that gets all of them killed when Coe orders the Capitol to be bombed, but it's still one hell of a Dying Moment of Awesome, one that inspires rebellion across America.
    "We are the American nation, the proud and free Republic. In our refusal to cower and hide, we represent America and its ideals. You, Mr. Symms, if you send your thugs and mercenaries after us, you wage war on the very principles of this nation. And history shows that those who fight against freedom will lose in the end. Even now Symms, many others throughout this great nation continue to resist you. If we go down, many others will rise up."

    "I dare you sir, to come at us.”