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  • The 1968 Elvis TV special, AKA "The Comeback Special". Wearing an iconic black leather outfit and making his first live performance since 1961, Elvis gives a series of hour-long concerts that proves, after many years of going Hollywood, that he was still an incredible musician. The concerts get edited into the overall special - along with other staged performances - and the special is hailed as an instant classic.
  • Asked his opinion on Vietnam, Elvis is said to have replied, "Ma'am, I'm just an entertainer," and walked away. Talk about tact.
    • When the reporter then asked if more entertainers should follow his lead and not speak out about Vietnam, Elvis answered "No." And that's why Elvis was awesome.
  • This performance here. The concert was just six months before his death. It's obvious he's not in the best condition, and he seems a bit... er... spaced out. Nonetheless, that shift from his listless and weak intro to him singing and playing his heart out pretty well outlines why he was the King.


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