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The film:

  • Dave and his friend manage to make sense of, and even partially fix, the federal budget, all in a bid to correct Alexander's denial of funding for shelters.
  • Bob tries to fire Dave from his job. Dave just calls the bluff, asking which of them is going to explain to the press how the White House Chief of Staff hired an imposter to be the President just so he wouldn't lose his own power. Too late, Bob realizes how much trouble he's in if this gets out.
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  • The brilliant way Dave manages to set up Alexander and get himself out of this in full view of the world.

The series:

  • Dave's freestyle in front of YG and his crew at the end of the first episode. YG is so impressed that he puts it on his Instagram story, earning Dave a lot of recognition and street cred.
  • Dave's freestyle on Charlamagne's Breakfast Club radio show in NYC at the end of the season 1 finale. He fully impresses Charlamagne, and when he asks Dave his name... Close on Title.

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