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  • Duane Stevenson telling Dave he would have taken a bullet for him. You really sense that he would have done so not just because it's his job, but because he genuinely liked and admired him.
  • Earlier, when Duane starts opening up to Dave after being a cold security officer up till then. And it's through a mere discussion of outfitting. "You think a sweater vest would look good on me?"
  • Dave and the first lady falling in love.
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  • In his speech to Congress, Dave makes it clear Vice President Nance was not involved in the various scandals and puts him over as a good and decent man. He apologizes to Nance and shakes his hand as Congress applauds.

The series:

  • Dave and Ga Ta's entire friendship. Especially prevalent in the finale, with Ga Ta defending Dave to Charlamagne tha God and rocking out during Dave's freestlye.

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