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Awesome / Dark Dungeons

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  • You really gotta appreciate the Ham and Cheese that was put into the movie, right down to the part where the movie makes it pretty clear that the villains aren't summoning Satan but rather Cthulhu and all the rampant references to pop culture regarding RPGs and the controversy surrounding them that seemed a little too convenient. The fact that they did this all under the noses of Jack Chick and not get caught for intentionally making it So Bad, It's Good is an epic moment.
  • What makes it even more awesome is that the film makers not only made the movie so tongue-in-cheek that almost anyone watching it with a slight knowledge of what RPGs are really like will know it's faked and that they should have a good laugh but also faithfully adapt it so that those who do take the tract seriously won't feel as offended as if the film makers made the film as a giant middle finger to the tract.