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YMMV / Dark Dungeons

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: With all the Les Yay, the movie practically invites you to view Debbie/Marcie/Ms. Frost as a tragic Love Triangle.
  • Accidental Innuendo: Almost every mention of role-playing games in the film sounds ambiguous, especially when Nitro says with an orgasmic voice "this was the best role-playing game in my life!".
  • Critical Research Failure: Many things the characters claim about D&D, like how sparing an enemy would cost them their belongings and how Chaotic Neutral pretty much amounts to Chaotic Evil, this is most likely intentional however.
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  • Cult Classic: The role-playing community is so fond of this film and its literary original that for some people it has become one of the best works about RPG fans.
  • Les Yay: While Marcie is implied to be in love with Debbie but Debbie isn't in one scene Debbie compliments Marcie´s hands, saying that they would be great for casting spells, and Ms. Frost appears to harbor lustful feelings towards her as well. It reaches such a level that almost every scene between the girls can come across as homoerotic.
  • Narm:
    • The image of the fans of role-playing games as popular students from the youth films. Have you seen a lot of Jerk Jock from student fraternities who would be fond of RPGs?
    • A huge amount of Les Yay in the film, which is a literal adaptation of the comic book from the Christian fundamentalists. And let's not forget about the cult of Cthulhu at the end.. Is this a Christian film?
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    • Thanks to JonTron, now all viewers treat the scene with "rpg, rpg, rpg!" as an appeal to a shot from a rocket launcher.
    • Surpisingly averted with the most infamous line in the Chick tract: "NO, NOT BLACK LEAF! NO, NO! I'M GOING TO DIE!" Rather than hamming it up, in the film it gets delivered in a subdued, heartbreaking manner.
  • Poor Man's Substitute: Anastasia Higham (Marcie) strongly resembles Anne Hathaway circa The Princess Diaries.
  • Serial Numbers Filed Off: The movie being made in Attacking the Darkness is never named, and the few lines we see them recording don't actually appear in Dark Dungeons. That the two movies share a cast, set, and plot are presumably just coincidence.
  • So Bad, It's Good: Obviously deliberately, but it also says that the original comic was so silly that the most authentic adaptation would be this.
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  • Tear Jerker: Marcie's preparing-for-suicide scene is surprisingly touching.

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