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  • Winning his first Intercontinental Title by defeating former two-time champion Tito Santana in a tournament final in 1990. He won his second title from Kerry Von Erich in 1991.
  • His Heel–Face Turn in 1992, joining Randy Savage in a tag team match at Survivor Series 1992 against Razor Ramon and Ric Flair.
    • This led to an even bigger Awesome moment for Mr. Perfect: in a Loser Leaves Town match on an early episode of Raw, he defeated Ric freakin' Flair, in a 20-minute clinic, to send him back to WCW.
  • Every WWF match he had with Bret Hart. Bret personally called Curt Hennig his favorite person to work with.
    • By the time of their Summerslam match, Curt's back was toast, and knew Summerslam was his last match(at the time). Despite the intense pain he insisted on soldiering on and putting over Bret. And still took his usual insane bumps.
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  • Hitting The Henningplex (Perfectplex) on The Giant on an edition on Nitro!
  • Most of those "perfect" vignettes. Well, even though they were edited pretty well, Curt did most of those things himself, including catching a hail mary pass that he'd thrown and bowling a perfect game.
  • He also had real talent as a commentator and was responsible for nicknames that became commonplace such as Triple H for Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

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