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Awesome / Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate

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  • The entire battle with the Lady of the Crypt. As Trevor, you fight what looks like a weak burrowing woman-shaped slime phantom... who turns out to be a lure on the head of A GIGANTIC LOBSTERLIKE INSECT DRAGON, who steals your Combat Cross and takes off. Cue Colossus Climb and the most epic sequence of Quicktime Events in video game history, ending with you ripping the arm off the lure, ripping the rest of the lure off the dragon, and the dragon's corpse smashing through the castle gates and letting you enter.
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  • Even though he fails to do so and gets killed, then turned into the vampire Alucard, Trevor's attempt in killing Dracula is pretty epic. He uses the Light and Dark magic medallions to counteract Dracula's magic and tries to finish him off with his Combat Cross in the Free-Fall Fight that follows while being constantly shot by fireballs.
  • Simon taking on Dracula's castle with only a leather whip. He has no vampiric powers like Alucard, and doesn't have the same kind of unique training or special equipment that Trevor has when he assaulted the castle. Even his sub weapons are mundane compared to the other characters. Simon only takes with him his whip and a whole lot of guts and grit. Just like the good old days.
  • Alucard's portion as well; let's not forget he's still adapting to his new, vampiric powers, and has to not only fight against his father, but also save his son while he's at it.
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  • Alucard and Simon's fight with Dracula has a part where Simon is knocked unconscious and Dracula controls him with magic, forcing you to parry Simon's attacks while Dracula lounges on his throne in the background and taunts you.


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