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Awesome / Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

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Yes, my Prince. A toast to awesomeness!

  • Dracula telling the Brotherhood Paladin why his prayers are in vain,
    Dracula: I was like you once. But your God showed me another path. That's why the power of your God cannot destroy me... Because I am His chosen one!
    • Let that get into your head. The Prince of Darkness, the Lord of Shadow, Enemy of Mankind, and greatest Creature of the Night, is God's bloody Champion!
    • He then proceeds to carry out arguably the most awesome cross melting aura in all of fiction. Drac seizes the Paladin's crucifix and mockingly invokes his Latin rites. Cue the subsequent explosion which wipes out the Brotherhood's entire army. Vaporizes Bernhard Castle. Devastates Europe and can be seen from space! Leaving nothing left but ashes of the fallen and the Prince of Darkness holding the now red-hot melted cross with a somewhat wistful look on his face. Holy... Shit!
    • Let's give Roland some credit. He matches Dracula's prayer word for word, and that's right after he held the Prince of Darkness off in single combat.
  • A Blood-possessed Medusa tries to turn Dracula to stone with her legendary gaze. Our protagonist wears a look best described as: "Bitch, please..."
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  • Fighting Satan's Soldier all around the hurtling freight train. Special mention for how Drac takes out a Golgoth Guard without having to possess it.
  • Marie standing up to Dracula and his response summing up the rich history of the entire series.
    Marie: I am as real as the blood of that witch which is poisoning you as we speak. The castle and its inhabitants fear that you will leave this place forever. They will stop at nothing to keep you here. Your power keeps them alive!
    Dracula: I know... This place has been my home for many centuries...
  • Near the end of the final battle against Satan's first acolyte, the monstrous daughter of Satan charges down our hero. What does he do? Run? Hide? No, he counter charges the giant monster while drawing his Void Sword. Badass doesn't describe it.
    Raisa Volkova: Not even with all your power! Are you a match for —
    Dracula: (activates Dragon Talisman)
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  • Drac doing away with Agreus with a skull-crunching Face Palm Of Doom.
  • For sheer creativity, the theater production and subsequent boss battle with the Toy Maker.
  • Gabriel riding a gigantic propane tank like an exploding rocket through a city block. No, seriously.
  • Victor and Dracula temporarily escaping from Abaddon by doing a mirrored dive through the library skylights.
  • Dracula performing a bullet drop against Abaddon, the finisher has Drac punching the Chief of Demons in the face so hard it launches his huge form through the air as if he were a measly doll!
    • Before that, he does a Bad Ass Back, dodging Abbaddon's attacks with an awesome Flash Step.
    • Honestly, all of the Cutscene Power to the Max moments count. Including but not limited to... Dracula absorbing the Gorgon's Chaos flame breath to activate a fraction of his awesome powers; previously seen in the pre-rendered E3 announcement trailer. Gabriel summons a swirling kaleidoscope of shadow energy with a freakin' Dragon maw on the end and uses it to rip out the behemoth's heart and hold it over his head!
  • Towards the end of the fight with Victor, he uses a Dark Crystal from the first game to bring forth the same demon Gabriel could summon. You know, the one that could insta-kill anything that wasn't a boss? Dracula carves it to pieces like a turkey on Thanksgiving.
    • Victor gets a moment of awesome, when he charges the Prince of Darkness head on.
    • Then there's the part where he collapses a floor by punching it, with his unarmoured hand. He doesn't even leap that incredibly high before landing the blow. And then there's the part where he and Dracula survive the fall into the catacombs. That fall must've been hundreds of feet. It's no problem for Dracula to survive the fall, but Victor is pure human, albeit an extremely Badass Normal human. He doesn't even seem bothered by it.
      • Hell. Just Drac overcoming all of Victor's Brotherhood relics is such an awesome call back to the first game. Special mention for those who countered a block counter.
    Dracula: I'm immortal, warrior.
  • Fight alongside both your son, Alucard/Trevor in his disguise as the Lieutenant and your descendant, Victor Belmont against hordes of Possessed, before Victor sacrifices himself to draw out Nergal.
  • Dracula, on the verge of defeat, tricking Nergal Meslamstea into entering Castlevania by luring him down a shadowy corridor, effectively de-powering the second acolyte by a huge degree and rendering him vulnerable to a satisfying beat-down.
    • Another for the fact that the Forgotten One's powers can create landscapes and creatures as well as destroy them, while all Satan and Zobek can do is corrupt and twist pre-existing forms of life.
  • Gabriel's epic Breaking Speech to Alucard, after killing half a million men... It doesn't convince his son; but give Carlyle props for the delivery.
    Dracula: The roots of evil run deep. Irreversibly so in the hearts of men. It is their true nature. Their destiny... I was their most devoted warrior. A Champion of Light. But I fell. Fell into darkness, and now... I am feared, as The Prince of Darkness. Ironic? Don't you think? The mighty Zobek hides from me like the scared rat he is! Even Satan himself is too afraid to leave the pits of Hell and fight me! But if I die now, Alucard. They will simply take my place... Evil, will prevail. It is the natural order. The world... (Holds up Ronceval's crucifix.) Is like this. (Snaps the relic in half and casts the pieces down.) Abandon, all, hope.
  • Patrick Stewart's Zobek, magnificently Chewing the Scenery in his last scene:
  • Death is not enough. Old friend.
  • The Reveal that Dracula had planned his own slumber with Alucard, knowing it'd draw Zobek and Satan out, and that the slumber'd remove Dracula's memories of the plan, allowing both Alucard AND Dracula to get the two right where Drac wanted them.
  • After their free-fall fight / meteor move, Satan!Alucard tries to mock Dracula, goading him that he wouldn't dare kill his own son again just to kill him. Gabriel promptly tells him that "you - don't - know - me, Satan!" And brings the cross down towards his chest in slow-mo. Satan, believing that Dracula is serious, flees Alucard's body, which is just what Dracula wanted. Dracula then grabs him by the throat, pins him against a gate, and impales him with the combat cross, killing Satan once and for all.
    • And how did Dracula trick Satan into believing he was serious? As he was bringing the cross down, he delivered a Slasher Smile so utterly frightening, that you could actually see Satan!Alucard's face slowly shift into a beautiful Oh, Crap! expression. Dracula utterly terrified Satan with a facial expression.
  • This version of Dracula is by far one of the most action and athletic-oriented Draculas ever. Whether he's facing down legions of mooks by himself and coming out on top, to doing insane shit, like leaping out and off of a moving train that's about to crash into a cavern wall, this Dracula is the ultimate undead action hero, on top of being a scary bastard. This is a Dracula who doesn't let all of his minions do all the hard work. This is a Dracula that reminds us that he's a warrior first and foremost. Being a God of Evil is just a secondary benefit.
  • In Revelations, Alucard has to retrieve Dracula's powers from the castle, whose minions have hidden them in places Drac would never be able to reach. When Alucard retrieves the Void Sword, he uses it and his own blade in a Dual Wielding flourish to decapitate the Dungeon Keeper who once wielded it.
    • The final duel with Zobek's bodyguard also counts. Alucard has the bodyguard beat in raw skill, and when the bodyguard tries to heal, Alucard uses his wolf form to pounce on the bodyguard, finishing him off.
  • Meta-wise: This is the first, and so far only, game where you play as DRACULA, not in a fighting game, not his reincarnation, this is a PROPER CASTLEVANIA GAME, and almost all the power that premise alone compels. Everything you see here? Sure, a Belmont would have killed some of these monsters, but the ones like Satan's Acolytes? Only someone on Dracula's level could ever hope to truly fight them on even grounds and WIN. This game alone shows WHY Dracula is the series Big Bad.

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