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Awesome / Blue Reflection: Second Light

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  • For fans of the series who have played the first game and seen the anime, forming a party of Hinako, Hiori, and Ao- all three main heroines- is this.
  • As part of Kirara's backstory: Learning she defied her own father rather than choosing to betray her only friend.
  • Ao gets one at the end of Chapter 7 when she rallies the rest of the Reflectors to fight off the "anti-virus" sent by the World System. Although her self-doubts as a leader cause her to fall into a Heroic BSoD afterwards, the girls all assure her that her keeping a straight head and giving them orders is what saved Oasis, because they didn't know what to do or were too afraid to act.
  • The entire final battle: A 5-phase fight culminating with everyone giving their energy to Ao for a one-on-one duel for the final phase, and it is a very satisfying Curb-Stomp Battle in her favor with every strike doing max damage.
    • In phase 4, the entire support team finally being able to take an active role in providing buffs and healing to the frontline fighters.
  • Though the in-fight battles can take some getting used to, if you manage to get a 10-hit combo or (more likely) drop the enemy's health to 0, you are treated to an action-packed Finishing Move cutscene for each character that makes the whole thing worth it. Special mention goes to Hinako, who plants her sword on the ground, lands on the tip of its hilt on one foot with perfect posture, and calmly closes her eyes as the enemy explodes behind her.