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  • Lyra gets one in Chapter VI when she risks her life to bring Scootaloo home after a teleporter accident. Scootaloo herself gets one when, having been rescued from the tree she was trapped in, she proceeds to drag a freezing cold Lyra as close as she can back to civilization - all while she's dying from leyline disconnect.
  • In Chapter XV, Lyra finally manages to rescue Snips from his abusive home life simply by playing Penumbra's Echo near him. This leads to Snips' equally awesome Calling the Old Man Out, followed by Big Mac intervening after catching Straight Edge in the act of strangling his son.
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  • Chapter XVI, Lyra challenges Discord to a contest of wits where they declare themselves to be something and the other needs to come up with something that beats it. while Discords attempts to break her through teleporting and letting her freeze to death from her curse, Lyra wins by declaring herself to be Song while playing Twilight's Requiem forcing Discord to remember why he lost his beloved, breaking him.


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