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  • Marty defeating Kid Tannen, a MOBSTER, in the past. Not only with getting him on Tax evasion via Trixie (Kid Tannen's girlfriend and his grandma, Sylvia) and Officer Parker (in reality, Jennifer's grandpa), but was also able to save Edna from him and used the gun-lighter he stole from Alternate!Biff, resulting in the loss of the alcohol in Kid's organization and likely his entire enterprise. Lets remember that this is a teenager who did all this.
    • Emmet helps out too, as it was his rocket car that was able to keep him from geting away thanks to the fact that it was kinda busted.
  • In Episode 3, the moment Citizen Brown realizes that the logo for the "new" Hill Valley is modeled after the flux capacitor.
  • In Episode 4, Marty is inspired to try and unbrainwash Jennifer by playing his guitar over the squawkbox, when a guard comes to escort her out and notices the music. When the guard inspects the camera, Jennifer beans him with her box of spray paints.
    Jennifer: Nobody scrambles my brains, ya hear me?! No one! I'm Jennifer Parker - rock 'n roller!
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  • Marty rescuing Doc in Episode 4 also qualifies.
  • Telltale got Michael J. Fox to voice a character for the finale. In fact, he voices FIVE characters: Old Willie McFly, Artie's dad; a civilian who repeats the "wallet" joke from the second movie; and three older Alt!Martys at the very end!
  • A slightly fridgey one in Episode 5. Citizen Brown is disguised as the runner of the Enlightenment Under The Sea attraction, and has his younger self kidnapped and hidden in the bathysphere. Marty knows this, and is trying to thwart him. He tries to get onto the ride with a ticket, then invokes the authorities when Brown rejects it. After all that, Brown pretends the gears are jammed so he can't raise the bathysphere. So what does Marty do? He deliberately crimps the bathysphere's air hose, cutting off young Emmett's air supply and putting his life— and by extension his older self's life— in jeopardy. He does this knowing full well that if Emmett dies, not only will he lose a lifelong friend, but he'll prevent the invention of the time machine in the first place (because its inventor won't be alive to invent it) and be forever stranded 55 years in the past. He's taking a MASSIVE chance, and he takes it without hesitation. Badass to say the very least. He probably realized that the only one who cares about Emmett more than he does is Emmett himself. A difficult, but logically sound, decision.
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  • When Young Emmett is showcasing his Electrokinetic Levitator at the expo, he rolls off the ramp, supposedly falling to the "spectacular failure" he mentioned in Episode 1... until he flies back into the shot, soaring majestically around the room. Made even more awesome by the accompanying triumphant version of the Back To The Future theme.
  • Episode 5: William McFly saving Marty and Doc from a trigger-happy Edna.
    • There is also the scene where Marty makes a trap to knock out the Western Tannen and a time-traveling Edna so that they can save Hill Valley from a future where it got burned to the ground.


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