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  • Marty is trying to convince a 17-year-old Emmett, who works at the courthouse and pretends he has no interest in science, to tell him about the rocket powered drill that old Doc told him he was working on at the time. When you click "Don't worry, I'm a scientist too":
    1931!Emmett: [sarcastic] So tell me something, Mr. Scientist, from your vast storehouse of scientific knowledge!
    Marty: Uh, the legbone's connected to the... thighbone?
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  • When examining the 1931 Newspaper in the inventory which changes from Doc being killed on the courthouse steps to being killed on a paddywagon, Marty's comment will most likely echo the gamers comment.
    Marty: Now that's just not fair!
  • The sequence where Emmett and Edna trade insults in Episode 2 while Doc rescues Einstein from the courthouse roof.
  • In Episode 3, Marty has to distract a brainwashed Biff, which is accomplished by pointing out various nearby objects.
    Marty: Biff, look! Girlie mags!
    Biff: Boobies?!
  • Early on in Episode 4, Citizen Brown is strapped to a wheeled bench right in front of a giant speaker while Edna and a guard look on. Marty plugs his guitar into the speaker, then jumps down onto the bench dramatically intending to play a loud chord and blast himself clean out the door with Brown. He hits the strings... and only moves a few inches, completely subverting the awesomeness of the maneuver.
    Marty: Okay, that was a little less dramatic than I'd expected.
  • In Episode 4 Marty informs Doc that his alias at the moment is Carl Sagan.
    Doc: The "billions and billions" guy?
    • Read the explanation of this at The Other Wiki here.
  • In the ending of Episode 5 when Doc and Marty are dumbfounded by Edna ending up with Kid Tannen.
    • "Don't say anything. Let's just walk quietly into the lab and hope there are no more surprises..." And then the Mind Screw of an ending...
    • The shout out to the end of the first film.
      Future!Marty: Bring [Marty] along too! This concerns all of us!
      Marty: What does you mean? Does something happen to us?
      Doc: Do we turn into assholes or something?
      • Heck, this whole scene is a hilarious Up to Eleven parody of the first movie's ending. Three Martys, with three DeLoreans, from three alternate futures show up, and immediately start bickering over which one of their timelines is the most important, and which one Doc should be helping - all voiced by MICHAEL J. FOX, no less! Doc and Present!Marty's reactions? They leave in their own time machine.
  • If you examine the mop in Episode 5:
    Marty: The top of a mop. I can flop it on a cop. I can swap it for a top. I can...I think I'll stop.
  • Marty playing around a Theremin Booth enough times to do a moonwalk in Episode 5.
    • Which earns you a Trophy.
  • When refreshing 1800s!Edna's memory of what happened, there are various prompts you have to give, various questions to answer - and there are, as usual for the genre, several wrong guesses included. But when the time comes to remind her of the villainous saloon owner's last name, the only option is Tannen.
    Doc: Good guess.
  • In episode 1, at a certain point you can ask Doc about Kid Tannen. He explains that Kid will be serving a life sentence in prison in the near future within 1931. This conversation prompts:
    Marty: Wait, if Biff will be born in 1938...
    Doc: As I recall, he escaped in 1937 for about three hours.
  • At the same time, Marty expresses concern that telling Doc's younger self about the equation's solution might screw up the time stream.
    Marty: So...?
    Doc: It'll be fine.
  • In Episode 2, when Doc disguises Marty as a 1930s mobster, he tells him that the fake mustache is essential to not being recognized, and that he is easy to disguise with his "nondescript features". The lingering look of disappointment on Marty's face when Doc says this is good for a laugh. Along with him muttering "nondescript...?"
    • This is referenced later in the same episode, if you ask Zane to draw a caricature of Marty. He comments that it doesn't really look like him, and Zane replies that "there wasn't much to work with".
    • Made funnier by the fact that Marty's face is anything but "non-descript".
  • "WHAT THE FRUG?!?!"
  • In episode 1, Marty tracks down where elderly Edna Strickland lives, and brings back her missing shoe, holding it aloft for her to see from the upstairs flat window. A woman walks by and stares at Marty quizzically as he does this; he just responds with a shrug before she leaves.
  • At the start of episode 3, Marty has crashed the DeLorean into a billboard after Doc has been erased from the timeline. Marty decides to clear something up if you click on him:
  • From episode 5: when talking to William McFly about who would know about what Hill Valley is and why it was erased from existence, he suggests asking "Scary Mary" — aka 1800s!Edna/"Mary Pickford" — but then warns that she's basically an insane hermit. Marty then comes out with this:
    Marty: I think she'll talk to me. [very, very awkwardly] I'm pretty good with...women...


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