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  • Virtually anytime one of the cops arrests an abuser. Or, for the rare instance when a judge calls out one of them.
    • The main judge in the Houston series, Judge Dale Grazinsky, does this the most. He really knows his animals, and knows when the pictures he's shown have animals that have something very wrong with them, more so if anytime the words "no food" or "no water" is mentioned. Once, he even went outside the courthouse to inspect some horses himself.
  • There was one episode of the Houston edition where they brought the sheriff to help them with a case of a severely neglected horse. This was kind of a gruff-type sheriff in the first place, but when he saw the poor condition of the horse? He CHEWED that owner out!
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  • The horse with the hole in its neck? It got better, though the hole remained (it had healed like that), and was ready for adoption at the end of the episode. One trainer said it might even be able to compete well in horse shows. With a hole in its neck. That is one awesome horse.
  • One time an officer needed to get onto an abandoned lot to rescue some dogs immediately, but could not physically enter himself for some legal reason. After an okay from the sheriff's office, a neighbor, who was worried about the dogs, hopped right in the yard with them to let the officer in from the inside to rescue the dogs.
  • During a police raid on a criminal's house where the ASPCA was only there to check on the animals people had heard inside, one of the ASPCA officers is the one who spotted the perp's escape route and gave chase.
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  • One episode of Houston where they had to catch a young bull. The moment goes both to the officers for catching the bull, and the bull for being able to drag three or four of them at once.
  • One hoarder with some clear mental issues was told to get rid of most of the dogs in her house in a week. The officer was dreading to go back, because she was sure having to take the dogs would be very hard on the woman. But the woman did manage to find the dogs new homes, and cleaned up her birds' cages, and seemed to be getting help to clean up her house.
    • Any time a hoarder manages to overcome their problems themselves or with a little help comes off as this.
  • Charmer the horse, who was adopted into the Texas Mounted Police. See Cool Horse on the Main Page for more details.
  • One suspected animal hoarder bought two cats, but couldn't afford to have them spayed or neutered, with predictable results. When the officers went to visit, though, they found that though the suspect had dozens of cats, they were all clean, reasonably healthy, well-socialized, and otherwise well cared-for, and the house was in excellent shape for being home to several dozen felines. The officers were so impressed that, though most of his cats were taken to the shelter to be adopted out, they let him keep two — spayed and neutered this time.


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