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Season 1

Episode 2 - I am no Bird, and No Net Ensnares Me

  • Matthew does everything in his power to get to Anne and bring her back to Green Gables. He races on Belle, hitches a ride on a delivery cart, pawns his watch for ferry fare, and pushes on even after crashing his head through a carriage window.

Episode 3 - But What Is So Headstrong as Youth?

  • Marilla standing up to Mrs. Andrews on Anne's behalf. As she says, while it was wrong of Anne to gossip and discuss graphic topics with the schoolgirls, it is worse to treat her like some vulgar ragamuffin and not a girl that was unjustly thrown into the cesspits of humanity like trash. Judging by the look on Mrs. Andrews' face, Marilla gave the so-called progressive mother a lot to think about. Also counts as Heartwarming, considering she is doing it for Anne.

Episode 4 - An Inward Treasure is Born

  • When the Gillis home is burning, Anne's first instinct is to run inside and shut the open windows and doors to snuff out the fire. The townspeople are appropriately impressed.
  • Anne's confrontation with Billy when she and Ruby deliver biscuits to those working to rebuilt the Gillis home. Anne shows she isn't afraid to call Billy out for his attitude, and the other workers laugh at Billy's expense.
    • Gilbert's chivalry deserves a mention. He doesn't condone Billy's taunting of Anne and Ruby, and even pauses his task to rush down and help Ruby up following her fall.

Episode 6 - Remorse Is the Poison of Life

  • Anne knowing exactly what to do when Minnie May comes down with croup. She works with the speed, calmness and efficiency of a professional doctor, with hardly any traces of the normally awkward, flighty Anne.


Season 2

Episode 6 - I Protest Against Any Absolute Conclusion
  • It is shown through flashbacks that when Matthew was a schoolboy, he was too scared to play the owl in the Christmas pantomime. In the present, an accident demands he closes the play as the owl last minute, wherein he finally conquers his stage fright.

Episode 10 - The Growing Good of the World

  • Marilla finally has enough of Rachel Lynde and erupts at her, putting Rachel firmly in her place after an episode of being insulted.


Season 3

Episode 4 - A Hope of Meeting You in Another World
  • After discovering Anne crying in the barn, Matthew calls out Marilla for halting Anne's search for her ancestry out of fear of losing Anne's love.
    • He also shuts down Rachel with a firm "Not your business!" when the woman attempts to gossip about Anne.
  • Marilla standing up to the general store clerk when he makes snide comments about Delphine. The poor woman may be close to cracking under stress, but she's not about to let anyone turn their noses up at a baby just for the color of her skin.

Episode 6 - The Summit of My Desires

  • When Anne learns Josie's name is being dragged through the mud, she marches up to Billy and tells him he crossed a line in front of the town. This is the same Josie Pye who looked down on her and questioned her breeding multiple times, but Anne does not hesitate at all.
    • Then averted massively in Episode 7 when Anne's poorly executed attempt to defend Josie by publishing a very controversial newspaper article regarding sexism has a domino effect that hurts Josie and the school's freedom to publish articles freely.

Episode 7 - A Strong Effort of the Spirit of Good

  • Out of the entire Andrews family, it is Prissy who stands up for Josie! She eloquently calls out her parents for their hypocrisy, stating that it is nastier than "male desperation" (even though her father fails to take her seriously), and later joins Anne's crew in their town hall protest.
  • Miss Stacy and the rest of the newspaper committee staging a protest at the town hall in response to the town board voting to limit their freedom of the press. When the town board tries to wrestle the signs out of their hands, there's a flash and there's Miss Stacy standing there with a camera!

Episode 8 - Great and Sudden Change

  • Ka'Kwet escapes from the school, stows away on a ship, and walks across country for days, nearly dying of exhaustion, to get back home.
  • Using the knowledge that they burned down the schoolhouse, Rachel blackmails the town council into adding three women, one being Marilla, to the council.

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