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  • At the end of every episode, when they show some of the formerly abused and neglected animals in new loving homes.
  • One man got into trouble in Miami-Dade County for owning two pit bulls, which is illegal there due to widespread dogfighting issues. He claimed not to know, because allegedly the person who sold them said they were a bulldog-mastiff mix. Normally you're given 48 hours to find the dogs home outside of the county. The man asked the officer "What if I move?" The man was willing to move to another county and switch homes and jobs for his dogs—and was given five extra days to do so for his dedication to them.
  • The confrontation of hoarders with mental issues is often very carefully conducted. The officers know that those people often think they're doing the right thing, and need to be reasoned with instead of forced along.
    • One officer helped neighbors convince a woman to let them take her to the doctor when she needed it (she was too old to drive) after she gave up her dogs.
    • Sometimes the hoarders can be convinced to find homes for the animals themselves, without the creatures needing to be seized at all.
  • Even though it's also a Tear Jerker, the officers and vets explain how euthanasia is often used to prevent animals from living in constant agony. Sometimes, that is the best ending for the animal.
  • One Houston episode involved a soldier returning home from Iraq, and he and his family adopted a dog that he had met and befriended while there.

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