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  • In the Houston episode "Salvaged From the Edge" there is a a massively awkward moment of confusion on who owns what animals on a property to the point where the judge had to order a chalkboard brought out and everyone listed so he could try and keep things straight. It didn't help that almost everyone in question went by various odd nicknames.
  • Another Houston episode where the SPCA agents are in court regarding an abandoned animal case, one of the agents is asked how many animals were seized, as per regulations. She starts to mention several rabbits, but is trying to keep a straight face before admitting that the rabbits had given birth at the shelter (one agent does break into giggles). The judge lampshades on the rabbits' breeding abilities with a chuckle himself.
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  • A person riding a train spotted a horse wearing what looked like a heavy blanket on a hot summer day. The cops patrolled up and down the river, but were only able to spot the animal by riding the train themselves, to ID the farm. Then it turned out to all be a huge misunderstanding anyway—the "blanket" was actually a cover to prevent the horse from getting a sunburn due to her unique coat coloring making her more prone to a burn.
  • In the Miama Episode "Third Chance" the team tranquilizes a young bull that has been roaming around local crop fields. However, the bull is over four hundred pounds, so they cannot lift it. The solution is to tie leads to him while he's asleep, and then guide him into the trailer once he wakes. The bull has other ideas, and hauls the team of four handlers a hundred and fifty yards in the opposite direction before they manage a turnaround.

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