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  • Fltecher saving his friends from Emu's in EndurAnts. Too bad Tasmanian Nevville stole credit from him on national televison and belittled him about it.
  • In the episode feature presANTation, Fletcher hasn't been able to sleep for days because Angus (who is a borderline Creator's Pet) keeps having nightmares waking him up. He spends the episode helping him with this problem, while Angus acts like a Jerkass towards him. After his final plan to help him ends with them simulating being on a boat, causing Fletcher to still be awake and even fall in a bowl of fish, he finally snaps and, in a particularly impressive and gratifying moment, he not only stands up to Angus, but actually chases him around the school, leaving Angus able to do nothing but run and scream in terror.
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  • Olive diving into a pool full of sharks to save Chyna - even though they wern't real, she thought they where and thought her friend was in real danger.

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