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  • "According to this star map, Johnny Depp lives....right in these bushes."
    • Daryl, Cameron and Fletcher need to distract people from the Bacon Truck (a food truck serving food with bacon) and decide they'd need a celebrity to do it. Cue Daryl dressed as Oprah:
    "Who wants a bacon truuuuck?? YOU get a bacon truck, YOU get a bacon truck, YOU ALL GET BACON TRUCKS! You don't need to stand in line! All your bacon trucks are waiting for you at the Los Angeles Airport!"
    • And it works.
  • "You got a text message from Satan! 'See you soon'..."
  • In "RomANTS", when Lexi tries to make it look like Paisley is choking so that she could save her and get into the school newspaper:
    Paisley: I've got food lodged in my Snuffleuffagus!
    Olive: Does she mean her esophagus?
    Lexi: Yes. Her brain is oxygen starved-more than usual!
    • In the same episode, there's Gibson's breakup with Sophie (note that both of them are around six)
    Sophie: Can I have your juice box?
    Gibson: No! You may be my girlfriend, but you're still a girl. I don't want to get cooties!
    Sophie: Give me it!
    Gibson: No!
    Sophie: DOODY HEAD! (pours a bucket of sand on Gibson's head, then storms off)
    Gibson: Come on, babe, we can work this out!
  • Chyna's dad referring to Olive as the Community Chest is probably the best boob joke made on the Disney Channel.
  • High Heels High from "SciANTs Fair".
    Chyna: And I thought Tatiana was two-faced before... now she's literally two-faced!
  • in "replicANT", Mr. Parks always getting his eyes hurt with remainders of tear gas around his house.
    Chyna: Dad are you crying?
    Darryl Parks: Nah, it's just... There's tear gas left on this uniform. *wipes his eyes on his daughter's uniform* Aah! That is tear gas left on that uniform!
    • And later on:
    Cameron: Dad, are you watching a chick flick and crying?
    Darryl: Of course not, there's tear gas left on this pillow. *wipes his eyes on the pillow* Aah! Why is this stuff all over the house?!
  • The auto-tuned remix of Cameron's speech when he volunteers to save the planet from a meteor he thinks is approaching.
  • From the Christmas Episode, after Skidmore says she was visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future:
    Fletcher: Your past alone would take at least a month.
    Olive: And considering your age, I'm surprised you even have a future.
    Chyna: I love Christmas; putting up lights, taking Dad to the emergency room, putting up the tree, taking Dad to the emergency room, singing Christmas carols, taking Dad to the emergency room.
  • When Chyna attempts to do the Dougie, the Robot, and the Dougie and the Robot, a mortified Cameron responds "You just took two of my favorite things and made them horrible".
  • The goth kids at Toxic Wasteland rocking out to the fake kid's band Chyna formed.
    • Admit it, you were amused by Angus' attempt at exercise.
    • From the same episode, "Cthulhu demands macaroons!"
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  • Lexi griping about her role in Grease:
    Lexi: I can't play Rizzo. She is a mean, manipulative, brunette. I'm nothing like that. I'm blonde.
  • Lexi attempting to hug Chyna while wearing a doughnut costume.
  • Everything Olive does at Chyna's sleepover. (Though that may be the last time Chyna ever invites Olive to spend the night).
  • This line:
    Paisley: "Huh, in the movies the ragtag team of misfits usually win, not the team headed by the evil blonde cheerleader. (beat) I'll get this one. Shut up, Paisley!"
  • When Gibson gets fired in one episode, he states that it was either him or that weird crossing guard who always yells "CAR! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!".
  • In "amusemANT park", Chyna and Cameron tries to earn money after spending all of theirs on games (One is throwing money in the toilet while the other is the giant floor piano). When they set up a game booth, (with Cameron as one of the targets), that little girl shows up and hits all the targets, with Cameron, several times.
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  • In "ballet dANTster", there's the Ballet Football with the Lily Pads against the Swans. wish I was making this up...
  • In "The ANTagonist", when Olive and Fletcher are about to fight. Chyna stops them and says,
    Chyna: I'm done talking. There's only one thing left to do, sing. (while she looks in the air and smiles.)
    • Then a spotlight and her guitar appear in the Ant Farm. And Chyna says she used her allowance to hire roadies. You know, since she sings so much.
  • In the episode "ConfinemANT", when Principal Skidmore does a kind deed, the ANTs hug her, then Fletcher pulls away saying "Ugh, she's so bony"
  • In the episode "Creative ConsultANT", whenever someone saids "Shut Up!", the "Shut Up! Polka" is played.
    • In the same episode, other people played this song as well the third time when Sequoia said shut up.
    Chyna: Wow, the Shut Up Polka has gotten really popular!
  • In "ANTswers", Chyna gives Principal Skidmore a hairpin that is actually a wireless webcam and on the monitor, we she her made a student leave unhappy, cut up a slice of strawberry pie and put in on the plate, then eats the rest of the pie like a P-I-G.
    • Then we get this exchange:
    Olive: What's Skidmore looking at now?
    Chyna: Oh. She's looking at a group of kids. And it looks like they're watching something on a monitor. (Now realizing Skidmore is behind them) Uh oh.
  • In "unforeseen circumstANTs", Olive attempts to disguise herself as a table. When Kennedy sees Table!Olive, she mentions having a table just like it at home.
  • In "MeANT to Be" Angus in anger management. He is raging that Olive and Fletcher are dating and that Chyna is rejecting his advances. He vents his frustrations by throwing a lamp in the center of the room.
    • Also, Lexi's reaction.
    Lexi: Why didn't anyone tell me about this club? This club is awesome!

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