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Analysis / Aura Battler Dunbine

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Theme Naming of Dunbine

All the Aura Machines revolve around fairy mythology throughout Europe. Below is an analysis of the names and how they relate to the story.

Aura Machines (Battlers, Bombers, Wing Calibers, and Ships)

  • Barau- Derived from Babau, another name for a boogeyman in Mediterranean mythology.
  • Botune- Derived from botúin, an Irish word a fat fledgling or winged being that just took flight for the first time.
  • Bubuly- a corruption of Boobrie, a shapeshifting water based spirit that inhabits the lochs off of Scotland. The Aura Bomber resembles a bird’s head in reference to the great auk, the creature’s main inspiration.
  • Bullbeggar- The Aura Ship class is named after a spirit that haunts Creech Hill of England and terrorizes children.
  • Dana O’Shea- Also called the Dana O’Shee, a type of elven folk in Ireland related to beauty, youth, and nobility. The pilots of the Aura Battler are all women: Marvel Frozen, Keen Kiss, and Riml Lift.
  • Doro- A katakana derivation of drow (also called a trow). Aside from references to dark elves, it is a mischievous fairy that’s short and ugly. Likewise, the Aura Bomber is a small vehicle within Drake’s army, designed to harass his enemies.
  • Drumlo- A derivation of Drumlough, a village in Northern Ireland.
  • Fou - a derivation of fuath (a Gaelic word, so it's pronounced like "Four"), a generic term for various malignant spirits from the Highlands associated with bodies of water.
  • Gea Gring- a derivation of Gyre Carling, one of several nicknames for Nicnevin, the Scottish queen of fairies. The nickname means “greedy ogress”, which refers to both Bishot and Luuza’s ambitious nature.
  • Gedo- A rare deviation from the fairy theme, it is named after Ged, the main protagonist of A Wizard of Earthsea. Ged was a young but powerful wizard raised by a witch. Before becoming a powerful hero, he was an arrogant man who ended up hurting himself big time after a spell that causes disastrous consequences. It is likely either a reference to King Fauron, who was an arrogant king who did not realize the disaster he would bring by following Drake's wishes or rather Drake and his servants by summoning Upper Earthlings and creating Aura Machines that nearly devastated Byston Well.
  • Goraon- A derivation of Gwyllion, a fairy that haunts mountain roads, which is where the Aura Battleship is constructed.
  • Grimley- A small village in the county of Worcestershire, England. In the Doomsday Book of 1086, its name is Grimanleh, which is wood haunted by a ghost or specter. It is also a likely reference to a grammarie/grimoire, a book for witchcraft and ancient spells.
  • Leprechaun- a small solitary fairy in Irish folklore who spends time counting gold and making shoes. Some sources indicate it to be the son of an evil spirit. The name is most likely a reference to its pilot Jeril, who lives in an industrial penthouse in Dublin, and acts independently from the Drake Army after returning to Earth.
  • Myu- derivation of mew, a nickname for a seagull that sometimes depicted as a fairy. The Aura Machine has a small bird-shaped design.
  • Pigsy- a derivation of pixie, a small fairy found in ancient grounds and enjoy riding horses. The Aura Machine reflects this as a small bipedal ground unit acting as a soldier mount.
  • Spriggan- Named after malevolent spirits and trolls who acts as bodyguards. The Aura Ship is a reference to its commander and Drake's advisor, Shot Weapon, who plotted against him.
  • Tungy- a corruption of Tangie/Tongie, a shapeshifting water spirit from the Orkney/Shetland islands. While the original spirit is designed to be a water horse or merman, the Aura Bomber resembles a crab.
  • Virunvee- A corruption of Vivianne'', a name for the Lady of the Lake in Arthurian mythology.
  • Will Wipps- a derivation of Will-o-wisp, an entity with sinister intentions and seeks a tempting but impossible goal. It is the name for the Aura Battleship's commander, Drake Luft, who plans to conquer Upper Earth and Byston Well. To top it off, he fails to do so.
  • Wryneck- Also called the jynx torquilla due to its odd movements and its shrill cry. The Wryneck was thought to be demonic in nature, thus a tool in witchcraft.
  • Zwarth- means "black" in Dutch in reference to its black colors. It's also a derivation of swarth or a dying man of a fetch, a British version of the Doppelgänger, which is a shadowy wraith that takes the form of the observer and acts as an omen of death. Show is the first person to see the Aura Battler and the Black Knight would be the cause of his death.


  • Drake- Named after the mythological drake.
  • Foizon- derivation of Foyson, the "goodness" in food that is stolen by fairies that cause them to go bad unexpectedly.
  • Nie Given- derivation of Nicnevin, the original name for the Scottish Queen of Fairies.
  • Hon Wan- derivation of a Henwen, a pig that gave birth to a monstrous cat that attacks Sir Kay or King Arthur.
  • Garalia Nyamhee- Her last name is a corruption of Nyame, the sky god of the Akan people in Africa.