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AATAFOVS / Over The Rainbow

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Season 4, Episode 2. Preceded by Shadow Of A Bender, followed by Blunder Down Under.
The Benders are sitting in the base, engaged in... sleeping. Worn out after their previous adventures, everyone except Nerdly is passed out on couches. Krystal snores loudly. Nerdly is working with a microscope hooked up to a telescope, a computer, and what appears to be a mini-fridge. He glances one last time through the telescope before jumping up, excited.

Nerdly: I've got it!
Krystal: (snores)
Nerdly: Hey, everybody! Get a load of this!
Benders: (no reaction whatsoever)

Nerdly sighs, then brightens and turns back to the device. He types something on the keyboard, and opens the mini-fridge door to find a surprised-looking animated rabbit.


Nerdly: Eureka! (his companions wake instantly, looking around).
Avatar: Wasn't that the guy who ran... unclothed through the streets of... some Greek city? Have we gone through time? Or wasn't it the name of a bunch of cities throughout North America? Have we teleported?
Sue: (looks around) No, false alarm. Stupid subconscious paranoia.

Once the Bender's paranoia has calmed, Nerdly shows them the rabbit. It is hopping around the room, managing to look curious and cute. Nerdly explains, using really Big Words that not even the viewers are meant to understand, that he has created a dimensional transporter.

Krystal: Another one? We already go through too many gates and things.
Nerdly: This one is special. It leads to a completely different multiverse, that we otherwise cannot reach from home. It's because of dimensional distance limits resulting from the amount of time necessary to travel being equal to a constant divided by another constant minus the number of dimensional leaps. For this one multiverse, the number of dimensional leaps equals the second constant, causing division by 0 in the equation. If we were to gate from here, it would literally take forever.
Solo: (snores, and otherwise appears to be asleep while standing up)

Eventually, Nerdly manages to get the story out, adding that the cute rabbit was pulled directly from the unknown location. At that point, a large, sparkly hole in reality appears and sucks all the Benders in.

  • Fan reaction to this apparently Lighter and Fluffier direction was mixed, though largely negative based on the Darker and Edgier direction it had been going. The writers assured the fans that the writer in charge of this had left to do another show and that it was Executive Meddling that allowed this to see the light of day. Then the executives yelled at them and informed everyone that anyone who liked the episode would be able to see the aforementioned show on TvN Sundays at 8. The Avatar writers just snickered at the fact that the show had landed in the "preempted by sports" slot—sweet, sweet justice.
    • However, the executive changed their decision and put it on channels where it'd get a good viewer base. The show now has ratings AATAFOVS would kill for, and the writers weep. Sometimes, Lighter and Fluffier scores a rare success.
      • And then, the original writer was replaced by a more cynical, violent-minded writer. The original still reads through all the scripts to make sure nothing goes overboard, but the very subtle move to Darker and Edgier and Bloodier and Gorier increased the fanbase AGAIN. Revenge; a dish best served cold.


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