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Live Blog Let's Attempt to Watch: Hamtaro 2
SnickerdoodleHamster2014-04-06 00:11:40

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Part One: Happy Birthday, Unoriginal Fan Character!

Hi, Snickerdoodle Hamster back again with-

Dad: (barges in the door) What is going on? Are you on a chatroom?

Me: Nope, I'm just liveblogging on TV Tropes.

Dad: Thanks, I was a bit worried there. (exits room)

Anyway, today I will be liveblogging another classic fan film, this time in the form of Hamtaro 2. The reasons of this are because 1) I am running out of bad fan films to review (I accept submissions through Liveblog Comments, so I encourage you to send in the bad fan films through there if you can find any) and 2) Bile Fascination.

This one is a Self-Insert Fic serving as a Fan Sequel to the anime series Hamtaro created by legendofwii92. The entire thing is yet another limp attempt at creating a fan animation, with all of your usual flaws and too many more other things. Let's look at the description now, shall we?

I love Hamtaro! It's my most favorite anime of all times! My favorite episode is "Bijou's Favorite Ribbon!". My favorite characters is Stan, and Penelope. And My favorite couple is Hamtaro X Bijou! ^w^ I watched this all the time.

Um, dude, what does mentioning your favorite episodes, couples, and characters have to do with this freaking fan film? Can you actually describe it for us?

One day I thought to myself "if I can do cartoon animation, I can make a fan-show of Hamtaro!". so here is Hamtaro 2, the sequel of Hamtaro. Hamtaro 2 is for the fans that misses Hamtaro like I do!

You know this is going to be bad when he acts so rabid of a fanboy that he is trying to get as many fans from this show's cult following as he possibly can. I can't really say anything else about this, so let's just start this video.

UPDATE: The links no longer work thanks to the fact that the creator has deleted these videos.

Part One out of Five.

We start with the intro, which just looks like a terrible AMV of Hamtaro, with some really bad MS Paint animation and slideshows mixed in for added measure. Even the logo was obviously edited in MS Paint. Basically, we have footage of Hamtaro with images of what I am assuming is the creator's Author Avatar mixed in, followed by a lot of stock art from the source material with Windows Movie Maker effects being abused to the moon and back. Then we get introduced to the creator's other bad OCs: Star, Odayaka (by the way, how the heck do you pronounce that?), Jake, and Cody. A few shots later, we get an image that shows Cody lifting a rock, implying that he's a Marty Stu. Did I mention that half the footage features this Cody character? This can't be good. And then we see live action footage of the creator himself, implying that this is indeed a Self-Insert Fic. And of course, Penelope and Cody kiss, which makes we wonder if the creator has any real friends or not. I really wish I could say more about this, but this takes up a whole minute of this video and it feels like a complete waste of my time.

We start with the Episode Title Card, which titles this episode "Cody's Sweet 16 Birthday Bash!". That sounds wrong on so many levels. First of all, I can tell that this is already going to be a fan film which brings the main focus to the Author Avatar, which is almost never a good thing. Second of all, aren't hamsters only supposed to live two to three years before they die? Is Cody supposed to be the god of hamsters who was given birth to from the hamster version of Jesus sixteen years before this fan film took place? Isn't he a bit to old to hang out with this hamsters who seem to be much younger them him? I can not believe I have already reached insanity just after the intro.

Anyway, the episode starts with Cody letting everyone know that his birthday is tomorrow. Why would anyone care about the birthday of a character who we don't even know about yet? So, when Cody points out when he's turning sixteen, a random clip art hamster just admits that he's getting old. Cody, who is now a recolored piece of clip art, seems to be pretty proud of his extremely elderly age for a hamster. By the way, I forgot to point out how the person who made this was so lazy, that he recorded the background music he's using from his Game Boy. I just find those little details to be very lulzworthy. And you have also got to love the sped up voices (ala Alvin and the Chipmunks), while in the original series, the character voices just happened to be good voice talent. Back to the real video, Maxwell points out Cody's exact birthdate, which he managed to guess simply by his personality. Does that mean that all MarySues were born on November 9, 1982? So, as you may have expected, Cody wants to have his party in this world. So wait, there are other worlds known in the Hamtaro universe? I'm confused now. Of course, this being a Self-Insert Fic, he wants all of the Ham Hams to come as well. Clip Art Bijou approves of the idea. Cody also wants everything to go right and everyone to have fun. The Ham Hams feel honored to celebrate Cody's birthday, even know we still are left having no idea who the heck Cody is. Jake also starts to think about what would be the perfect gift for Cody in Power Echoes. I certainly know what the perfect gift is! *pushes reject button* Clip Art Stan asks what they could set up for his birthday. Cody then enters some camcorder screenshots to explain his very specific requests for the entertainment. I must mention that one of the games he suggests is "Ham and Seek", which is like Hide and Seek, only you "seek for Z". Apparently, that's what the person who created this thinks is "creative". I bet he wouldn't know "creative" if the case-in-point definition bit him in the butt. Hamtaro agrees to do it, only to make an evil looking face afterward as if he secretly wants to destroy Cody like I do.

The Ham Hams go outside to continue discussing Cody's dream party while some MIDI music plays in the background. Cody mentions that the party could save his family's money, being that his family is poor, yet he claims they are "rich with values". Yeah, we'll see about that. Cody promises to come back to hang out with his Ham Ham buddies after he asks his parents, while holding Stan's hand in comfort. I smell Perverse Sexual Lust! The hamsters continue to do nothing but admire Cody and embracing the "friendship" they have with him. In your dreams, Legendofwii92. Stan starts to talk about his memories of birthday parties, including the one time that he got a cake with his name on it. And even during that birthday, the letters were written in a default font while being surrounded by copypasted balls and Microsoft Paint's default airbrush effect. He also got a flimsy looking wheel. Poor kid. Thankfully, before Cody can keep asking everyone else about their birthday memories, they must go back so everything can be ready for him. The female hamsters leave Stan and Cody alone while they walk back in a two-frame loop with no background changes at all. Stan and Cody then decide to run back to their "man-cave", and the video ends.

Is Cody perverted? Will the other hamsters stop worshiping Cody as God? Will the creator ever get out of his self-insert fantasy? Find out next time!

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