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Cliche2011-02-21 13:48:06

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Partners in Crime

Sakura is back in her bed, as if the events of last night haven't transpired at all. She hears a familiar voice calling her up. Was it coming from the TV? No, it's off. Suddenly, she sees a smiling face, and recoils from the "flying squirrel". Kero is forced to reintroduce himself and her new role as Cardcaptor, but she still rejects the label, convinced that only one card doesn't prove anything. Tori calls her down for breakfast, and sarcastically remarks on only having to call once. In annoyance, she accidentally lets slip that someone woke her up. Sakura, preparing to leave for school, tells Kero to stay put and not let anyone to see him, but, oh look at the time! She's going to be late to meet Madison! In her rush, she neglects to notice that Kero has gone missing from that scene.

To her surprise, she turns out to be the first one there. Right on time, as this episode introduces her best friend as a prominent character.

Madison Taylor

Special occasions call for special outfits!

  • Japanese Name: Tomoyo Daidouji
  • Age: 10
  • Role: The Chick
  • Voice Actor: Maggie Blue O'Hara
  • ~Name's The Same~: Power Rangers Mystic Force also has a Madison who also happens to like filming the other characters' antics.

She's the Bob to Sakura's Aerith, the girly girl to her tomboy, and she actually turns out to be more helpful than one might initially think.

Madison reveals that she had videotaped Sakura's previous adventures all on tape. Makes you wonder why no one else noticed her flying around. Kero shows up and with typical Large Ham prepares to confront a Clow Card, naturally prompting an introduction to Madison at break. She regards Kero as much cuter a name than Keroberos, which annoys him as he brags about being the Clow Card guardian. Sakura then shows the sealing staff to the inquisitive Madison. Excited, she asks her to let her film all this.

In the meantime, student shadows float along the wall of the school. Later, piles of desks, chairs, etc. turns out to be gathered in various areas. This is obviously the work of a Clow Card! But at least it got them out of school, even if they had to clean the mess all up. Back at home, the three plan their attack, which really means Kero coaxes the timid Sakura into going to the school at night while Madison gets excited about filming it all.

At the gates, Madison drives by in a limo, bringing personal bodyguards. Sakura is impressed, but Madison merely remarks about how she has magical powers. She shows her to a van full of costumes, making Sakura nervous, but Kero agrees with her need to make a positive fashion statement. She eventually puts on a Little Red Riding Hood-esque costume, being embarassed by the somewhat suggestive outfit. Kero reacts more positively to getting a ribbon for his naked body.

The Clow Spirit introduces itself by sending an angel statue after the trio. They notice that a shadow is carrying the statue where there is no body, which means The Shadow Card is behind all this! Sakura initially tries Windy to break up the conglomeration of the students' shadows, but the pieces merely pursue her, forcing her to make a break for it with Fly. Kero remarks about how lighting would cause the shadows to disappear, but the sun won't rise for hours, so there's no way out of this! Or is there?

As Sakura's staff gets pulled in by the inky, murky shadows, it's time for the spotlight! It turns out that Madison used the circuit breaker to turn on the arena lighting, leaving Shadow as a mere hooded figure susceptible to being tied up by Windy and sealed.

The next day, Sakura is ready to present Madison with a gift for helping her out, but is in shock as her video plays demonstrating every humiliating moment. Unlike Sakura, Madison is very eager to come on the next adventures, and she even has the next costume ready! The episode ends with Sakura giving the peace sign and a wink to the camera. Guess she knew she was on film after all.

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