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Single Proposition: Sure Why Not

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At issue:

Rename and/or swap with redirect proposition for the article Sure Why Not (previously ptitlekzrxgx4f).

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Swap with a redirect?

Trope definition

  • Fanon gets officially adopted as canon later on.


  • 684 wikilinks and 232 inbounds for Sure, Why Not? (as of late July 2011).
    • This includes about 50 wikilinks from the redirect Ascended Fanon.
    • This does not include nearly 4,000 inbounds from the article's original ptitle, ptitlekzrxgx4f.


  • Title resembles a line-of-dialogue / Stock Phrase that is not intrinsically or uniquely associated with the trope. It looks like a generic phrase, and wikilink samples do confirm misuse of this sort.
  • The name appears very similar to Sure, Let's Go with That, an in-universe trope.
  • "Ascended Fanon" mirrors the Ascended family of trope titles.
  • Wikilink search documented a 20-40% misuse ratio within the "A" and "The" ranges of the alphabet (which comprise about 10% of total wikilinks).


  • Sample wasn't chosen randomly; not clear how representative it is.
  • 3900+ inbounds on the original ptitle is quite an impressive number; Sure, Why Not? collects new inbounds daily.