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Single Proposition: Handling Spoilers

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Vote up for yes, down for no.

At issue:

Should inherently spoiler tropes (Tropes where the very name of the trope is a spoiler for the work, like Bad Guy Wins or The Hero Dies) be grouped up at the bottom of work pages that they are spoilers for?

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Vote up for grouping tropes that are inherently spoilers together at the bottom of a page.

Vote down for keeping tropes that are inherently spoilers placed and alphabetized regularly in the trope list (the current format).


  • Keeps spoilers out of the way for those who don't want to see them.
  • Allows for easier editing when what constitutes a spoiler is under contention.
  • Doesn't create blank spots in the trope list where a trope name and the whole example is spoilered-out.


  • Potentially reveals other spoilers for people looking for a particular item.
  • Violates the normal alphabetizing rule for example lists on works pages.
  • Results in some works pages having a different format from other works pages.
  • Debate over what should or shouldn't be listed as a spoiler.