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The Southpaw has been under discussion for misuse. A previous crowner has decided to make this page the exampleless supertrope, and the creation of a more general index is underway.

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Southpaw Advantage: Left-handedness being an advantage

Situational Southpaw: Character is forced to use one hand over the other.

Right Arm Quirk: Character is forced (as in Situational Southpaw definition) to use one hand because their other hand isn't a hand; they're a Blade Below the Shoulder, Arm Cannon, Hook Hand, Combat Tentacle, etc.

Artistic Southpaw: Left-handedness being a sign of being artistic/creative.

Special Ambidextrous: Character being ambidextrous makes them special/stand out.

Ambidextrous Convenience: The creator does not care about Character X's handedness and, as such, they appear to be ambidextrous.

Southpaw Design Decision: (Trivia definition), why a character has a certain handedness (like if they're left-handed because they're the Author Avatar of a left-handed creator). This trope would go under the Real Life Writes the Plot index.

Left Handed Foil: Character is left-handed because they're the foil to a right-handed character and vice versa.

Lefty Disadvantage: Left-handedness being a problem (may cause Situational Southpaw definition).

Special Southpaw: Character being left-handed makes them special/stand out.