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Split into The Cutie and something like Fake Cutie for the new trope.

Reasons to do so:

  • It's currently being used for two distinct types:
  1. as it's described on the page The Cutie (which would become something like "Fake Cutie"
  2. as it's described on all the "[X] The Cutie" pages.

Rename The Cutie but don't change the definition.

Reasons to rename:

  • It's misleading; it's not "any character who's cute", it's "a character who acts younger or 'cuter' than (s)he is in order to be attractive."
  • It's being used differently in this trope name than in the "[X] The Cutie" trope names where it does mean "a character who is cute or cute-and-innocent"
  • A random sample of wicks had roughly 50% using it wrong

Leave it alone