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I've always said that I wouldn't regret my decisions not even this one.

I do not legally exist.

If ever there was a time to lie, this was it.

When I first met her, she bit me.

At first there was silence, broken only by the distant rumble of spring thunder.

They say that lighting never strikes the same place twice, but they're wrong.

It didn't take a whole lot to convince him I was actually a cat.

There are only seven days left.

It was a dark and stormy night.

The rain predicted to fall throughout the week did not come at all.

The procedure had been a complete and unqualified success.

There was darkness, at least; there was some hope.

There are few things in life that cannot be missed, and this, unfortunately, was one of them.

I had vehemently insisted that she was innocent, but as usual, I was ignored.

Somehow, I ended up in this luxurious bar with no money in the middle of the night.

The city was still and beautiful, and as the sun rose to it's peak at noon, a young couple drove across town in their small European automobile.

Looks can be deceiving, and mine are the most deceiving of all.

A philosopher once said, "Justice and evil are both subjective concepts."

Once upon a time.