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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

The terms "Christmas Episode" and "Christmas Special" get used interchangeably whether we like it or not. What do we do?

We have possibly three definitions to work with:
  • The in-season / in-continuity episode of a series that occurs around Christmas, so it involves Christmas themes.*
  • A not in-continuity episode for a series, with a focus on Christmas themes.*
  • A standalone story with Christmas themes, not associated with a regular series at all.*

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Merge the two pages, optionally soft-splitting between stand-alone works and those that are part of a series.

  • Pro: Makes the British vs American distinction and any confusion therein moot.
  • Pro: Makes it less confusing for borderline cases (i.e. a half hour TV US series gets an hour long in-continuity Christmas Episode marketed as a Christmas Special.)
  • Con: Might make the page particularly long.

Create supertrope for all Christmas themed stories of any format, and modify existing pages to be specific subtropes.

  • Pro: Existing terms can become redirect to supertrope, while the specific subtropes can be given more specific names.
  • Pro: Allows for inclusion of works that may not fall under existing categories. Christmas books, for example, are not really episodes or specials under the conventional use of the words.
  • Con: Drastic change to status quo may be confusing to some.
  • Con: Some may consider the resulting page to be trying to include too much in one page.
  • Neutral: Allows for a variety of ways of organizing the subtropes and subpages of the supertrope. The specific organization can be worked out over time and need not be decided in this crowner.

Rename existing pages and adjust the definitions to be less focused on a specific culture and medium.

  • Pro: Allows for titles that more clearly reflect intended meanings.
  • Con: The existing redirects may still be misused.

Keep the current pages and current names but adjust the definitions to be less focused on a specific culture and medium.

  • Pro: Least amount of change.
  • Con: Doesn't address the fact that the terms are often interchangeable in Real Life.